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do have problems, but it reminds you of how blessed and lucky we all are. it also reminds you the goodness, the greatness at the heart of the american people. that officer is one great american. that is all the time we have left. thank you for being with us. we'll see you back here monday night. good morning, it's saturday, december 1st. i'm juliet huddy in for alisyn camerota. we are one month away from falling off the so-called fiscal cliff. president obama says is he ready to act. >> there are no shortage of pens in the white house. and i carry one around for an emergency just in case. >> here is the thing, will congress sign on the president's budget proposal all about more taxes and spending some folks say? >> and frosty and santa are front and center.
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why is one school in florida hiding baby jesus in the closet? the war on christmas is back, clayton. it's back. >> say it ain't so, joe. first the twinkie, now bazooka joe, juliet. >> no, no, no. >> after 60 years, say good by to bazooka joe. >> nobody will miss that horrible gum. >> it's amazing. >> how could you say it's bad? >> it can good gum. debating the merits of the gum. "fox & friends" in for juliet huddy. the gum that used to come in the tops cards. remember how terrible that stuff was. >> once you get past the stale and hard rock like substance it turns into a flavorful. >> i agree it is delicious. >> more on that plus ugly christmas sweaters this
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morning. county guys from ugly christmas sweater top. i think they can. i brought mine this morning. >> it's not only ugly it has the v neck. >> good point. >> extra level of ugliness. >> send us ugly christmas sweaters. >> we are also talking about as julia was commencing there the fiscal cliff now what washington the gridlock means i think it's most telling because what senator matt baucus from montana said we have 31 days left yet. we are not near a deal yet. we can't expect any sort of a deal with any weeks before christmas i would think. >> the big knock on the president through the this process has been a failure to lead. i think one that sticks rather well. because, instead of sitting down with john boehner. instead of trying to hash something out. he is out there again campaigning, gives speeches, instead of being the one that sits down and gets this deal
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down. here is the president on again what appears to be the campaign trail yesterday in pennsylvania. >> santa delivers everywhere, i have been keeping my own naughty and nice list for washington. >> [ laughter ] >> you should keep your eye hun gets some connects this year. some members of congress who get them and some who don't. i'm ready to sign it. there are no shortage of pens in the white house. and i carry one around for an emergency just in case. >> kin next is a toy. >> microsoft kinect? >> they make angry birds there, too. >> the question is thisent on te campaign trail a few weeks after everyone was exhausted from the election. now the obama side is having people send out tweets and emails and playing this populist sight. i would say it seems exhaustive. it works. it has been working for the president. throw this out there. do you think this makes a lot
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of sense? in polls that i was looking at they have republicans, folks feel if the fiscal cliff going to happen they would blame republicans 20% over this. >> there o. this may be true. if there is another recession he is going to be the president. it's his recession it will not be john boehner's name 10 years from now? or are they going to stick this on president obama. here is president obama about the lack of progress in d.c. >> it was not a serious proposal. right now we are almost nowhere. let's not kid ourselves. i'm not trying to make this more difficult. people who have watched me over the last three weeks i have been very guarded in what i have to say. i don't want to make it harder for me or the president or members of both parties to be able to find common ground. >> boehner also said that he felt because of the fact that it was timothy geithner who presented this, it wasn't
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serious. he said, you know, where is the president on this? >> the proposal to some is a joke. doubles down on what the offers were before. worse offer than what they offered republicans before by far. here is what the president is offering right now. not just the 800 billion in tax increases that had been mentioned but now let roughly double that to 1.6 trillion in tax increases. not to mention auto billion in new stimulus spending the cuts say are not even real and may not be realized. you see 400 billion nun specified medicare changes. will those ever happen? who knows? >> at the bottom of that list is a debt ceiling mark too. virtually unlimited ability for the government to borrow more money. we are not going to worry about the debt ceiling anymore. remember that debt ceiling debate we have every year. not going to have that debate anymore. kill any movement of the debt ceiling anymore so we can borrow indefinitely.
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>> this deal has no shot. clearly the president knows that we will talk to dana perino and governor huckabee coming up. >> let's get to other headlines. fox news alert new overnight information two brothers busted with radicals overseas that possibly have convictions to al qaeda. new video this morning. a missing leukemia patient from arizona phoenix police are definitely searching for 11-year-old emily. her mom removed her iv and snuck her out of the hospital. doctors say emily can die within days if she doesn't
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receive medical care. can you see this video. the child has been amputated because of an infection. police do not know where they are going. but if you do see them, call police. in the wake of sandy, and the week's long struggle for hundreds of thousands of power. another long island power authority bites the dust or the head. lipa steinberg said to quit yesterday. the power authority is currently under investigation for performance after the storm. he joins three other line lip that have quit. first twinkies and now you can say good by to bazooka joe. the makers of the stylish tasty gum getting rid of new iconic comic. it will feature activities and brain teasers. also being ditched is red, white and blue colors. being replaced like w. like
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fuchsia or yellow we like to salem monday. hit the shelves in january. >> we have got the gum. >> the gum is sticking around? >> bazooka joe the comic is gone. >> i'm all right with that. >> only beaming part to the gum was the comic. >> i disagree. do you like the stalish gum. >> the first two seconds was bad and then about the next 30 seconds was good. >> right. >> that's all you get. >> then it was all bad. >> pretty much all gum is like that anyway, isn't it it? >> no. >> and then your jaw hurts. >> and that seriously. here is your temps as you are waking up. 37 degrees in minneapolis. that's above what your high temperature should be to are this time of year. incredible warm air across the country. all of the troubles have been out across parts of the west. that's going to continue. flooding concerns southern oregon down to areas around. a lot of places 10 inches of rain. couple weeks ago we had another series of storms that
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brought 10 inches of rain. the ground is incredibly saturated. today a slight break from the rain. this rain falling but this will change this evening. the next storm comes in tonight and tomorrow. and another batch of area of rain tomorrow is going to be around the five to six inches of rain. we will see another storm even on tuesday. two more storms lined up are northern california then i think we will take a break. guys? >> thanks so much, rick. >> it's december 1st which means not just ugly sweaters. the war on christmas is back as well. this time at an elementary school where jesus has been put in the closet. is that right, clayton. >> cot to be dale elementary school has decided they will remove the nativity scene as part of the lawn decorations. it's been part of the decorations for years. they will make it strictly secular. >> here is the thing. board of education official stopped by the school to stop about the separating church and state. religion in schools. you know, they just felt like,
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look, we can't fight. this we have just got to put the nativity scene away and not have to deal with defending ourselves in courts for the next 50,000 years. >> here is what brendan jones the principal who you said let's do. this in an attempt to be fair to everyone, decided not put the nativity scene out on campus. it was the school's principal. >> should they fight this in court? schools clearly don't have the money to do. so should they stand on principal or should they give in to these people who are making a war out of things that have been going on for decades there? >> whether you think there is a war or not. these people really have no other option. they are not going to be fighting this in the courts. it costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to do that. >> or get their funding pulled as a result of it? >> exactly. >> let us know what you think friends twitter on ff weekend. coming up on the show. gitmo detainees coming to america? some want to house them in u.s. prisons but should that
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even be an option anymore? >> a group of kayakers get a little too close to nature. oh, my. >> come on, really? >> it's fantastic. is that an orca? >> i don't know my whalens well well enough. um...
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uh... um... hm... umm...
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>> welcome back, 14 minutes past the hour. gitmo detainees coming to america? new report commissioned by democratic senator dianne feinstein says there are several prisons inside the u.s. that could safely house detainees from guantanamo bay. >> so should this really be a viable option? joining us now is former department of justice
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official. good morning, sir. >> good morning. >> what is the biggest argument against this happening? >> these are not ordinary prisoners and they don't belong in ordinary prisons. i have sources who work at gitmo who tell me that the rates of attacks on soldiers on the guards is absolutely astronomical and it's also disgusting. these prisoners, some of them will grow their finger nails out and sharpen them into points and save their feces and dip them and attack guards when they come into their cells. these people are known to try to stab people's eyes out. these are violent, violent people that do not belong in the u.s. prison system. >> what happens if they are brought to the u.s. prison system. what are your main concerns? >> look at what happened with the uighurs? they were the chinese terrorists. the administration tried to release them into northern virginia before congressman frank wolf found out about it and said you can't do this. i think the long-term plan here is is to eventually
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integrate them into the regular prison population where they can radicalize the other prisoners and eventually these people, some in the administration want to just release them into in the united states. >> that being one of the biggest fears radicalizing others. here is what senator feinstein says about this. this report demonstrates if the political will exists we could finally close guantanamo without imperiling our national security. the gao report makes clear that numerous mifns exist holding the 166 detainees who maintain much in environment that meets the national security requirements. u.s. prisons already hold 373 prisoners convicted of terrorism. that's here in the united states. the political will is a whole another question she brings up. can this ever get through the house? >> it will never get through the house. don't forget, president obama this week promised to veto the
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entire defense authorization bill. that means everything, soldier pay, bomber fuel, tank maintenance, he promised to veto everything unless these prisoners are allowed to be brought into the united states. that's crazy priorities. this administration and this justice department, in particular, is on a crusade to implement this radical normalization of terror behavior by putting them into the civil justice system. it's because we have a justice department full of people who used to work for al qaeda terrorists and their lawyer is eric holder at the justice department. >> we will wrap it up on that note. we appreciate you being here this morning. >> thank you, juliet. >> we'll keep you up to date on this topic, obviously. >> remember that tennis ref busted for killing her husband. a surprising twist that could have her back in the umpire's chair. >> it's time to finally agree
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with the president and have everyone pay their fair share. he is here to explain coming up next. [ male announcer ] introducing...
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>> welcome back. 6:21 on the east coast. quick headlines, israel defying the u.n. by announcing it plans to buy 3,000 new homes. ownership of that land is one main dispute between the israelis and palestinians. israel is angry u.n. voted to palestine's status into u.n. member state. the average worth has dropped to 43-year low of $57,000. that is based on the numbers
3:22 am
from 2010, from 1983 to 2010. the percentage of households worth less than 10 grand jumped over 37%. dave and clayton. >> thank you, juliet. president obama and republic leaders in congress have just 31 days to strike a deal before we fall off the fiscal cliff. but so far it's not looking like either side is willing to compromise. >> our next guest says there has been a failure in leadership to solve this crisis. joining us now is texas congressman louie gohmert. nice to see you. >> nice to see you. >> this is not necessarily against the president you have blasted g.o.p. leaders this week for a failure to lead basically saying we need to stand on our principles. they have a delegate -- delicate position to deal with. >> up until last week there had been a failure of leadership. the president out there finally pushing so far look we are going to forget the constitution. i'm going to basically pronounce law as i speak it
3:23 am
congress hasn't done what i wanted, so we're just gonna ignore congress' constitutional right to appropriate. congress' constitutional right to set debt ceilings and we're going to ignore that that's what basically -- geithner basically announced. speaker boehner said look we can't allow that to happen. the fact is we can't. if we fail the constitution, it's going to be a lot worse than going over this ledge. we went off the fiscal cliff when the president got reelected so now we are just bouncing down further and further ledge to ledge. but the thing is for him to say we're going to increase spending let me give away more money, are you kidding? have you gotten more solyndras you haven't thrown away? enough is enough. the leverage we have is the debt ceiling. i'm hoping our leadership is going to bring that to bear. >> many feel the leverage the president has he says look i
3:24 am
want to cut taxes or keep taxes where they are for those making $250,000 or less. i want middle class taxes to stay low. but the republics, they won't let that happen. he comes forward with a 1.6 trillion though in new taxes in this new deal. what do you think of that deal and where are you willing to compromise in terms of revenues? >> well, the president we had two years ago basically said and i'm not sure who this one is but the one a couple years ago said it would be insane to raise taxes during a recession. we are still in the recession. we are still 8% basically in on unemployment. so for us to raise taxes. >> where will you come pro-mize? >> oh, you want -- i want fair share from the president. he has not proposed anything that will have warren buffet pay what his sects does we do. it's called flat tax. have 15% capital gains where buffet is paying right now. have his secretary at 15%. if you make more, you pay
3:25 am
more. a flat tax will do that. and steve forbes, arthur laugher a number of people are going to be pushing that this week. you will see. that's a fair share. that's what we ought to do. the compromise will be on what we cut. good grief, in the house we cut 11% over the last two years of our own budget. we should be demand and our leadership hasn't done it yet. 11% cut across the board throughout the government. this president is not even talking about it. he is talking about increasing spending. >> do you like the president's -- i'm curious your take on the president's populist argument right now. is he out there on the campaign trail again trying to sell this to the american people. >> that's what he does do. is he campaigner in chief. that's what he does well. >> isn't he looking at those polls showing that the republicans have been beaten down. the polls show if this happens most of the american people would blame the republicans. >> but he has been so abusive as of yesterday. so arrogant in what his demands are. you know, just virtually
3:26 am
unlimited power. i think he has gone so far now that he he has even pushed our leadership in to standing firm. i tell you, you know, to do what's right for the american people, do what's right under the constitution, so what if you lose the next election. if we can save the country despite this president driving full speed over the cliff, then it would be worth it to save the country for future generations. i mean, what this guy is doing as president right now would monetarily is so immoral. you don't spend future generations' money because you can't stop spending you have got to keep borrowing. that's insane. it's time to make some realistic cuts and there are plenty to make. >> yes or no do we fall off the cliff. >> there will probably be a deal done at the last minute. i'm telling you it's okay -- it's -- there is really not a fiscal cliff. there is really not a fiscal cliff. the fiscal cliff like s&p tried to explain a year and a half ago is if you don't make cuts, we didn't make cuts,
3:27 am
they downgraded us. that will be the fiscal cliff. >> perhaps another downgrade. >> yes. >> congressman, thank you for being here on the first day of december. have a great christmas if we don't get to see you. >> what if do you see me. >> then i will say it again and i will buy you coffee. >> great. i hope you do as well. thank you, merry christmas. >> coming up, one with nature. taking on a whole new meaning for this group of kayakers. tell you about their scary encounter out in the open sea. >> plus they just became millionaires but this midwest couple hoping the money will not change who they are. hear how they are going to spend their cash. are they going to get their own reality show? >> i hope so. or that printing in color had to cost a fortune. nobody said an all-in-one had to be bulky.
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>> are you sick and tired of hearing this term fiscal cliff? you know, it turns people off. they don't understand it. it doesn't tell you how serious the situation is they need more colorful metaphors. here is how they should explain it. okay? it's 4:00 a.m. for our economy. and lindsay lohan is behind the wheel. see, that says danger. people understand that they
3:32 am
understand that. >> that is -- that tells the tale perhaps a little better. lindsay lohan, nobody wants her driving. all right. welcome back to "fox & friends" on this saturday morning. so the lottery. >> did you guys play? >> no, no. dave always plays. i forget and then i think i'm glad i didn't. >> i was so convinced i was going to win for some reason. >> what are the chances you are going to get struck lie lightning three times. david didn't win. cindy and mark hill ended up winning from the midwest. >> quick pick ticket that goes against the conventional wisdom you never won with a quick pick. >> last one was won with a quick pick. >> $293 million chopped out approximately in half. they wanted the lump sum. they went back to the high school where they met to accept this and do a little press conference to talk about what they do now. you have to feel happy for them. she was laid off in 2010 i think as an office manager. he had just recently found
3:33 am
work as a mechanic. so these are people that needed the money. they adopted a kid. they may adopt another. >> now the question, is this going to change their life? they say they don't want this to. you make this much money it's going to change everything. >> applicable if you become a celebrity. there are so many celebrities that we have interviewed who blow up all of a sudden who are just complete idiots and act like such jerks and some that are really really wonderful. people say we are going to be the same folks. i believe them. listen. >> i mean, we will still be going down to the corner cafe for breakfast or fish day. can i guarantee you that i mean, it's just us. we are just normal human beings. i mean we are as common as anybody. we just have a little bit more money. >> we had to get like toothpaste and stuff like that. i found myself in the store still looking at the prices of stuff. >> we want to say, too. that god blessed us with this. and for some reason he put it
3:34 am
in our hands. i think to make sure that it goes to the right things. and we were blessed before we ever won this. >> it doesn't surprise me. i know a lot of folks from missouri. good people. >> dearborn. >> the guy said i am still looking at the prices. like donald trump said. key to that rich people stay rich or richer because they are smart with their money. >> they also surround themselves with good trustworthy people who can help manage their money instead of blowing it all over the place. >> how many people are going to come out of woodwork, hey, cindy, remember me? >> third cousin. >> i'm your cousin, yeah. >> did say he plans to buy a new red chevy camaro owe so a nice token. >> check it out. splurge for the leather seats. >> good for them. all righty. now we have got to do
3:35 am
headlines. pro-tennis referee arrested before the u.s. open. she will not be tried for her husband's death. los angeles prosecutors dropped murder charges against lois goodman. they received new information and didn't have the evidence to move forward. police accused goodman of using a coffee mug to kill her 80-year-old husband but goodman claims he accidently fell down the stairs and died. a new york family counting their blessings this morning after a stray bullet tore through their house. narrowly missing their 2-year-old son. the bakers were in the middle of their morning routine. they heard a loud clap. wasn't until the mother went on to the porch she found a bullet 6 feet away from where 2-year-old alex had been sitting. >> at that moment it was what could have happened. you know, this could have changed our life in a blink of an eye. >> i'm sure a hunter was just out there, you know, hunting and shot at something and missed it. and just happened to travel and hit my house. it was an accident. weaver just going to -- we're
3:36 am
just going to keep on going along but a shot like that can change a life forever. >> the bakers say hunting is common in the woods behind their house butting something le this has never happened before. >> kids on liltd may soon have to wait to get their hands on energy drinks like the ones you are looking at. >> suffolk county board of health urging to ban the sale of them to anyone under the age of 19. drinks are loaded with caffeine and other ingredients bad for your health. that could create controversy. a spokesman for the american beverage association says coffee houses should then be forced to card people before selling coffee or tea. you knew it was going to end up causing a bunch of ruckus. scene out of jaws. instead of sharks it's killer whales. >> oh my god. oh -- [. >> they went under the boat. >> a group of killer whales giving these kayakers a scare of a lifetime.
3:37 am
swimming under them. no word where this was filmed. looks like these kayakers are just fine, we hope. we don't know where the video ended up. >> that is fantastic. let's talk a little sports now. indianapolis colts first round pick andrew luck having a heck of a lot of success in his first nfl season despite losing him to the pros. stanford able to do something even luck couldn't get them to. get to the rose bowl. stanford taking on ucla, the pac-12 championship on friday night on fox. so many highlights we start in the fourth. bruins up 7. stanford q.b. kevin hogan the red shirt freshman hitting drew taylor. game tied at 24. later in the fourth, kicker jordan williamson from 36 yards out puts the cardinal on top by three. ucla had a chance to tie it up from 52 yards out. no good.
3:38 am
27-24. stanford punching their ticket to pass demean first since 1999. they are headed to the rose bowl. what a job they have done there. look up in the sky, juliet. >> yes. >> it's a bird, it's a plane, it's a falling football. >> here it comes, oh,. >> oh! >> clayton always says no way when he sees videos like that. wow. what a catch by giant's wide receiver victor cruise. cruise catches the ball dropped by a low flying airplane part of his campaign to get voted into this year's pro-bowl. some were sceptic call about whether this was real or not. crews responded by tweeting felt pretty real when i caught it morris, you say? >> i don't know. here is what i worry about. something falling from that high it would be like a block of cement. >> perfect guys that do the
3:39 am
basketball trick shots. >> drop a ball off the empire state building your hands would smash into pieces. >> i don't think they were that high though. >> you guys keep debating it i will will do one more story. people in pennsylvania placing their bets and got ready for a horse race got quite a surprise just before the starting gates open. >> as race down the back side. bambi has the lead. here comes rudolph from the outside. the deer are going to the panic. apparently an equipment problem. >> the three deer jumped on to the track at meadows racetrack in washington county p.a. announcer roger houston didn't miss a beat though calling play by play as the deer ran around after a while. after a few minutes the deer cleared out. the announcer says bambi was the winner by a nose. >> that has -- >> -- not a red nods but a nose. >> off track betting sites that has to be the most
3:40 am
exciting night sitting there with a cigarette and a drink. >> hopefully someone was placing bets midway through that and someone took some action on that race. >> 100 to 1 odds, rick. >> yeah. so, guys,. >> nice, it's back. >> pretty. >> you wear that one every year. >> come on this is my sweater. >> those are your pajamas. >> i wish it were christmas all year long. this is the most comfortable sweater ever. i think it's it's because it's an extra large women's sweater. somehow they make women's sweaters more comfy than men's sweaters. >> you look beautiful. >> there is a reason for the sweater. you will find out in about 15 minutes if you keep watching. right now talk about your weather. look what's going on out across the west. by tomorrow night another storm pulls into northern california. some areas will see another 5 to 7 inches of rain. and then part of that will be snow. take a look at this though. the snow really relegated to the very highest elevations. this has all been a very warm
3:41 am
set of systems that have been moving into northern california and because of that it's been mostly rain and that's good news along the passes where you drive because those have remained snow-free. that's at least the one positive side of this. take a look at what happened in san francisco though. so much of this -- these storms causing pretty big damage. take a look at video we have here out of san francisco where a tree, big tree fell on a car here with the rain. it's not just been the rain but we have seen very windy conditions with some of these storms. and even into san francisco headed into the higher elevation. we see winds gusting over 100 miles per hour. big problems there back to your first alert forecast for the day today. into the northeast. that white where you see the snow. don't worry about that that's very very light. could cause a little bit of a dusting. may be on some brings and overpasses. be a little bit careful as you are driving today. not going to be any big problems. down to the southeast, the nice conditions continue, a ton of sunshine. very comfortable temperatures. we need rain here. unfortunately it doesn't look
3:42 am
like we are going to get any significant rainy time soon. but, try to enjoy the nice temperatures. into the northern plains, also i will tell you we are talking about temps well above average all across the eastern two thirds of the country. that's going to be the case here into the northern plains. out across the west today a little bit of a break in the rain across northern california. it returns in earnest again tonight. all right, guys. send it back to you inside. >> all right. now, look. the thing you and clayton have in common is you are both wearing women's sweaters. >> mr. rogers look how cute you look. >> that's a woman's sweater. >> this is very comfortable. >> aren't all ugly christmas sweaters women's sweaters? i hate to say it? >> you and i from now on only wear women's clothing. >> as if that is something new for either of you. >> oh, boy. >> soft on the inside. [ laughter ] >> just like your -- well, i will stop there. today is december 1st this month. prime time to get in the job market. we have the tips you need to get back to work and make your
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december one to remember. >> plus actress kristin chenoweth snags a new leading man. we will tell you who next. >> it's me in this sweater. >> i doubt that very much. >> she was woulded by me. holiday gift ideas at big savings, like... plus, check out amazing daily web buster specials and free shipping at
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3:47 am
a younger man. spotted out to dinner with jake from the bachelor in his hometown in texas. they were also spotted last month out in west hollywood. is he 10 years younger than chenoweth. clayton? >> thanks, dave. i know dave will be staying on top of that story. >> oh, yeah. >> december is officially here. as wee countdown the end of the year what task should make sure to get you crossed off to-do list economically. here are the top five suggestions personal finance expert vera gibbons. >> this is a december to remember. >> good morning. >> nice to see you. >> people start looking at their wallets and budgets and figures out what they will will do next year wrapping up this year. you put together five great tips to us. you say book a hotel room. >> book a best hotel room at the end of the quarter, end of the year. hotel staffers have quote o. ---quotas. you don't have to stay you have to book it that's when it goes in their books as a sale.
3:48 am
you are traveling a lot. time to book it next year. >> book it at the end of the quarter. book it now end of december for any time. that's when it is going to count as a sale. >> they can write it for this month 2012 taxes. >> buy kitchen electronics and small appliances now. >> yes. if you didn't have a conditions to shop over the ohio day weekend with 247 million other shoppers still good deals out there. prices on some items are actuallyetter now in the early weeks of december such as kitchen electric small appliances, 16% cheaper on average they can be. and also toys. one week before christmas. deal news actually found they reach their lowest price one year before. everybody has already bought their toys some of the more popular toys buy them then and save. >> find a new job. this is the time of year to find a new job. >> people think december is not a good time to look for a job. contrary to popular beliefs, executive serve from exec
3:49 am
could you net that actually did a survey. 60% of recruiters placed just as many candidates in december than any other month. if you are sitting on the couch saying i will resume the search in january, forget it keep the search going. >> sign an apartment lease at the end of the year. is this the same thing like booking a hotel room they want to get you on the books. >> it's called not much is going on, it's dark, the days are short. and you have more wiggle room. landlords are more willing to negotiate. find out what prices are going for in your neighborhood and be in the best position to actually do the negotiating. you actually might do quite well. >> great tips this december. check out anything. where can people read more about what you post. >> i write on my blogs sara gibbons on twitter. >> have a great christmas. thanks for the tips. coming up on the show. ugly or hate them the ugly sweater craze is growing. up next, how rocking bad taste can help a great cause wearing
3:50 am
a bad sweater for charity.
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
>> love them or hate them, love them. they are festive or are they just tacky. the ugly christmas sweater trend isn't just here to stay. it seems to be growing. >> we have got ours on this morning. and thanks to our next guest brian miller, adam and kevin are authors of the book the ugly christmas sweater party book and founders of ugly christmas sweater nice to see all of you guys. >> thank you. >> this is the first time we have had you in studio where we get to see the ugliness up
3:54 am
close. usually we have you on satellite from chicago. boy, these are ugly. i have to say, are those edible the little like nodules on your sweater there. >> it depends on what time of night it is. >> there is one thing we all have in common except for you. i think we are all wearing women's unisex, my friend. >> where did you come up with this idea to create ugly christmas sweaters? not just for the fun party night also does something great as well. >> absolutely. we started a web site as an idea to just share the concept of these parties. but some people are reaching out saying hey where we can we buy these. my two buddies came over one day with a pile of sweaters and we started selling them back in 2007.
3:55 am
>> 2009. turned out to be an empire. >> people are throwing all sorts of parties. fundraisers. pub crawls. a good time to share some the joy with others around. >> this year helping to strike out cancer. talk about the partnership withstand up to cancer this year. >> stand up to cancer reached out to us and asked us if we would help spread the word to their campaign. so, folks out there can go out to our web site and click on the stand up to cancer link and they can build their own page through stand up to cancer taking pictures. pledge to wear a sweater a certain number of days. trying to get people to wear a sweater every single day out there. >> works. >> kind of like wearing a mustache. mow very. >> people say i don't think they are ugly at all. >> eye of the beholder. everyone has their opinion of them. not doing it to call them ugly we love them. >> i brought my own does.
3:56 am
it even qualify? >> without a doubt. it does. that's what we call the moose battle. >> head to head. >> hold it up. >> in battle. >> pretty solid. clearly i'm a fan of the double moose battle. >> what i love about dave is the v next. >> not a deep v. >> you guys have the deep v. >> this cardigan, this woman's sweater is fantastic it. i think i'm on to something. >> kevin, yes, that's real, thank you for being here, the web site is ugly christmas sweater click on the stand up to cancer button this year to help out strike out cancer. >> i might do one of these this year at my house. >> i'm, in am i invited. >> if you can wear the women's? and only women's sweaters at our house. bigger houses, more electronics and ample diet. it's poverty like we have never seen it closer look at the country's new poor. >> i can't take you seriously. >> plus iconic role being
3:57 am
brought back to life by one of the country's biggest super stars. we will tell you who. >> can i wear this the rest of the show? >> please do. >> ♪ snowflakes that stay on my nose and eye lashes ♪ winters that melt into spring ♪ these are a few of my favorite things. ♪ when the dog bites why is it that the most impressive technology often comes with a set of equally impressive instructions ?
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and discuss whether you've been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. don't start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. tell your doctor if you're prone to infections, have cuts or sores, have had hepatitis b, have been treated for heart failure, or if, while on enbrel, you experience persistent fever, bruising, bleeding, or paleness. if you've had enough, ask your dermatologist about enbrel. good evening, it's december 1st. president obama gave budget proposal and now trying to sell it to the american people. >> if congress does nothing, every family in america will see their income taxes automatically go up january 1st. that's a scrooge christmas. >> republicans not willing to tax and spend. they don't like the plan. is our plunge off the fiscal cliff inevitable? >> and secretary of state
4:01 am
stiewfn rice, the ambassador still getting a ton of support from the white house but benghazi may not be the only blemish on her record. >> and baby jesus benched and now frosty the snowman starring in school's nativity scene? why do atheist have more rights when it comes to the constitution? "fox & friends" hour two starts right now. >> sparkles all over. >> you guys looked very pretty in your sweater? >> dapper? >> pretty. >> send us your ugly christmas sweater photos this morning. friends at >> did you guys plan this? >> no. >> we are wearing the exact same tie. >> we didn't plan. this didn't call each other ahead of time like ladies do. >> it's reichmuth's fault. he actually picked mine out. let's talk about the fiscal
4:02 am
cliff which we appear to be speeding towards every day because there is nothing that even resembles a compromise on capitol hill. the president offered up his proposal this week and it was met with. [ laughter ] by some republicans. the president, meanwhile out there. some say campaigning guys instead of trying to hammer out a deal face to face with john boehner and house republicans. >> he was at a toy factory in pennsylvania. let's hear what the president had to say. >> every family, everybody here you will see your taxes go up on january 1st. i mean, i'm assuming that doesn't sound auto too good to you. >> no. >> that's sort of like the lump of coal you get for christmas. that's a scrooge christmas. >> it was not a serious proposal. and so right now we're almost nowhere. there is is a stalemate. let's not kid ourselves. i'm not trying to make this
4:03 am
more difficult. if you have watched me over the last three weeks i have been very guarded in what i have to say. i don't think to make it hardered for me or the president or members of both parties to be able to find common ground. >> that's a bit of the criticism coming from the left which is that the right hasn't put forth a proposal. speaker boehner saying i'm speaking guardedly. grandstanding out there is not going to do anything for anyone. max baucus senator from montana said we are 31 days away from this thing nothing is going to get done until we are at the deadline which is sad. >> nothing would be done the way they have worked together over the last four years or so. let's look exactly what the president is proposing. >> dave said met with. [ laughter laughter this is what mitch mcconnell laughed at. he laughed at timothy geithner put toward this plan. >> $1.6 trillion in tax increases. >> that's double when they were trying to negotiate a grand bargain a year ago.
4:04 am
how exactly do you think republicans are going to accept that? it is laughable. especially when you are talking about not just raising rates but raising capital gains on investments and dividends. also piling on top of it new stimulus spending. >> $50 billion in stimulus spending. haven't we gone through enough stimulus spending? >> cuts that some say may never be realized and are to this point unspecified and some say what might be the worst part is virtually unlimited power for the president to raise the debt ceiling which some feel is reckless to say the least. >> the reason the president is out there on the campaign trail, so to speak, because they know they have polls that show that it's working for them. the white house says they say that this is exactly what the president campaigned on. so why shouldn't we extend the campaign, go back out there to pennsylvania, hatfield, pennsylvania, make these speeches in front of individuals and get people to start tweeting us is what they are saying. >> that tweeting -- the tweets aren't exactly positive. they have that hash tag what
4:05 am
is it. >> i don't know what the hash tag is. >> do you want your president out there giving speeches or do you want your president leading? do you want your president actually trying to negotiate how about some leadership. >> people looking are actually looking at the information that the president has pitched and 53% are tweeting that they are not happy with it 53% of the tweets were negative. >> meanwhile, which always happens in the second term. you have some shakeups in the cabinet. some secretaries of last. rarely do they last one term to the next. certainly other members to the cabinet get moved in and out. treasury secretary and so forth. the president seems to be closer to naming the new secretary of state among other cabinet members. >> sure looks like susan rice remains his topic though. many feel it could be john kerry. also secretary of defense they say they are trying to name here in the next couple of weeks. the question is regarding susan rice. some have brought up in the past couple of days that maybe
4:06 am
benghazi isn't the only blemish on her record. maybe what happened on september 11st, actually reflects something that happened earlier on in her career. going back to 1998 when there were those terror bombings in kenya, and tanzania that killed more than 200 people. a dozen americans. some say susan rice failed to protect our embassies similar to what happened in 1998. >> exact same story repeated. they had the warnings. they had information that al qaeda had cells in these cities and they didn't do anything about it as far as increasing the security on these buildings and, once again, the same situation as what we saw back on september 11th. >> this came on the heels of the coal bombings. the family member was on hannity speaking about this going back to 1998. take a listen. >> what we do now is that as early as 1996, our intelligence community had live active cells al qaeda cells under surveillance in
4:07 am
nairobi, kenya, and despite those facts, nothing was done to increase security at our embassies in nairobi or tanzania. and this problem has just compounded. we are seeing similarities with benghazi and we hope that whoever serves as secretary of state in our next congress will make security a top priority. >> this seems to be a recurring theme in her career and also susan collins asked susan rice this very same question in those hearings and susan rice wasn't prepared for the question about 1998 and said, you know, i'm going to have to go back and refresh my memory on this. i wasn't expecting a question on that. >> she wasn't. but would you ever forget the details of that? 200 people were killed. i'm sure that would always remain fresh in your mind. susan collins one of the more moderate senators not somebody who is a flame thrower from the right by any means. some say susan rice was a policy person in 1998.
4:08 am
it was not her job to do security detail and increase security. we may hash that out though if she gets the senate confirmation hearing. clearly that would come up. >> all righty. let's go to other evidence lines. we are fox news alert. new overnight info two south florida brothers busted in an alleged terror plot the men ages 20 and 30 had her first court appearances they were trying to provide money, lodging, communications and equipment and transportation in a conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction here in the u.s. they also say the younger brother has been in contact with radicals overseas possibly have connections to al qaeda. check out this video. new video this morning of a missing leukemia patient from arizona. phoenix police are desperately searching for this little girl. she is 11-year-old emily. her mother removed her iv and snuck her out of the hospital. doctors say she could die if she doesn't receive medical
4:09 am
care. you can see in the video the child's arm has been amputated because of an infection. s police do not know where they are going. if you see them, you have got to call police. an update now on the new jersey train derailment that left toxic gas spewing into the sky. readings taken last night show high levels of vinyl chloride in the air. authorities evacuated several hundred more people than they did immediately after the crash. dozens of people have gotten sick from the spill. officials still looking into the cause of the derailment. crews are figuring out how to remove thousands of gallons of chemicals. super store carrie underwood taking on iconic role. >> raindrops on roses. bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens. >> i love. these guys have never seen that musical, people. i don't get that. >> don't out us. only going to get angry e. >> star in broadway musical for tv broadcast next year.
4:10 am
>> i will watch it. is that my homework. >> i will watch it. >> have a hard time with musicals, rick? >> i love musicals. >> i have never seen it until last year. i sat down and started to watch it because it was on and it was good. >> it's amazing. >> i'm in. mandate. >> four hours? >> you, me, sound of music. >> drinks and we got ourselves a party. >> drink, popcorn and you will bring your sweater. >> here are your temps as you are waking up. a 7 in kansas city. really warm across the plains. all of our storms and all of that weather has been out across the west all week long. it continues. we have rain that's lighter today across parts of california. lighter. get heavier tonight and tomorrow. heavy rain pulls back in with another big storm. there is one more behind that that's going to be on tuesday. after that i think we are going to change our weather pattern and we are going to see it calm down here and that also means we will start to see things be stormier across the country.
4:11 am
however, in the meantime, an incredibly warm day and incredit dib big ten basketball number of days warm here across the plains. look at all of these temperatures with your averages. amarillo 78 today. should 53; your average is 33 minneapolis. it is going to build for the next couple of days. tomorrow these highs getting to 59 in chicago. auto in minneapolis. enjoy that we will see the warm air begin to spread toward the east. so getting towards 51 tomorrow in new york city. those temperatures approaching 60 get to the day on tuesday. all right, guys. >> electronics and ample diet. it's poverty, quote, like we have never seen it before. up next, we will take a look at the country's new poor. >> then obama care not only forcing companies like dominoes to lay off workers. now there is another cost and it will face you to pay more per slice. [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu users chose prego.
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4:15 am
>> may be good to be rich may not be bad being poor at lease in america. >> next guest says the standards are shifting and poverty in the u.s. is not a description of hardship, necessarily. just a comparison of what you have verses your neighbor. robert rector a senior fellow at the heritage foundation helped write the welfare reform rules in the 1990s. >> good morning. >> how has the definition of poverty in america changed? >> the obama administration is now changing the definition of poverty so that a family of four with health insurance in new york city can be poor in
4:16 am
39,000. in oakland 33,000. but the reality is the reality is for years huge gap between what americans think when he hears poverty and east coast the old way that the government defined it when you see the mainstream media running a story on poverty saying they are 49 million poor people. they will feature a homeless family but only about 2% of the poor are homeless. in fact, the average poor american lives in a house or apartment that is larger than the average nonpoor french men, german or englishman. 80% of under the old definition had airconditioning. two thirds cable tv. half of them have a computer. a third of them have a wide screen hdtv. a quarter of them have a tivo. if you have them was anyone in your family hungry at any -- for even a single day during the last year? the overwhelming majority will say no. they have access to medical care. they have no hardship whatsoever.
4:17 am
there is a complete disconnect between the way the government defines poverty and the way the american people think about it and the way the media presents it. >> why does this matter? when we shift this definition. how does this affect the average american? especially as we are having these fiscal cliff discussions in washington figuring out who is getting tax breaks cutting loopholes and so forth. >> the reality is we spend close to a trillion dollars on the year assistance to the poor, cash, food housing medical care that does not include social security and medicare. that's about $9,000 for each recipient. 100 million people receive this aid. it's a huge amount of spending. it's ridiculous to pretend that we can spend all that money and still have kids that don't have food to eat all over the country. this is really an advertising tool poverty measure and advertising tool for expanding the welfare state and spreading the wealth. by pretending that there is a massive amount of hardship
4:18 am
that really doesn't occur anymore in our society. >> perhaps not getting the resources to those who truly need it the most. robert rector, senior fellow at the heritage foundation. thank you for being on this morning. >> thank you. >> coming up on the show, it's been over a month since they met with fema and the president, but the sandy victims haven't seen any help just yet. >> and i told president obama, you told us you were going to cut the red tape. and i told him, the middle class getting the royal finger. what did he say? fema works for me. fema ain't doing nothing still. they keep going around in a circle. >> this family joins us next to share their story. >> then so long dollar bill. hello dollar coin. why lawmakers say it's time for some more change. [ male announcer ] we all make bad decisions.
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>> 7:21 eastern. news by the numbers. 34 million. that's how many nutrition signs will have to be posted in pizza chains like dominoes. one for each pizza combination. thanks to obama care requirement. the cost will likely be passed on to you, the customer. next, $4 billion. that's how much a federal audit says could be saved over the next 30 years by ditching the dollar bill. replacing it with the dollar coin. and finally 543 hours, how long the toys r us in new york city times square will be open for starting tomorrow, going until christmas eve. i'm there. juliet?
4:23 am
>> thank you very much, dave. they were promised help by president obama and fema but it's been more than a month since their house was ravaged by super storm sandy. they have yet to get any solutions to their problems. joining us live to share their story and they brought their doggy brownie. sit down, sweety. how are you? >> okay. >> you are exhausted, aren't you? >> exhausted. >> tell us you were in this area for 10 years. tell us a little bit about the neighborhood and what it is like now. >> it's a middle class area. everybody has got a two income, you know, parent with their children living there: you know, it's pretty night nit area. everybody has their homes they want to take care of. >> everybody decided to stay despite you don't have gas or electricity. it's a nightmare. tell us what happened when you actually were going through the super storm. >> we actually had no choice but to stay because now now
4:24 am
that we have been displaced we haven't been able to find an apartment. there is no hotels available. >> it isn't easy in this area if do you find a hotel to pay for you actually met with president obama and what did he he say. >> actually he did. >> i met with president obama at the government owned land was kind of staged. they put us into this tent and they wanted to make believe we were shopping for our products. most of the city -- most of the residents that live in that area were never up there. so he landed, and made to go online and i got to talk to him and i said to him, you know, president obama, you said, you know, you were going to cut the red tape. you lied. and he says what do you mean? i said you lied. you said you were going to cut the red tape and it hasn't been cut for the middle class? what are you going us the royal finger? and he said no. you know, tell me your concerns. i told him about fema giving
4:25 am
us the run around. i told them about bank of america that doesn't want to hold on -- they want us to keep paying our mortgage. >> what did he say? >> he said well there is not much he can do with the banks. but he can do fema -- fema works for him. so then he gave me two of his aids bobby schmuck and robby nicholson. >> that's the guy's last name? >> yes. >> i will reserve comment on that one. they said they were going to help you out. ultimately what happened? >> still in the same position. >> are you in your house right now. >> back in the house with no electric, in gas, no water. >> how are you surviving? >> my neighbor was nice enough to lend us a generator so we run electric heat at night. we reserve the gas so during the day we basically do a lot of paperwork. i have many, many contacts to make during the day. >> i know you guys are exhausted but you are also clearly also angry.
4:26 am
who are you blaming at this point? >> you got to blame the president. you have got to blame the local politicians. you even got to blame the president of staten island. >> i was watching that whole thing going down burrow people like you fuming at this meeting the other night to calm down, to shut up. >> he told us to shut up. >> pretty unbelievable. is that the sentiment you feel you are being given by all of these local officials? >> yes. nobody really wants to hear it it's all, you know, they are always passing the buck. you know, my wife did ask them a question. we asked them a question about the trailers. they put trailers in katrina for the victims. and they are not doing it here. you know, a lot of the people that lost their homes would live in a trailer. they clapped. they applauded when we asked that question. so a survey must say that
4:27 am
everybody would do it. nobody wants to be in a shelter. holidays are coming up. people would rather be somewhere that they know they can go to every night. >> we're going to stay in touch with you. we really want to follow what's happening with your story. it's a story that a lot of folks in this area are going through and the fact that you are living in a home with no electricity, no gas, you just got nothing there. and it's a defsz stated area. it's just shocking that this hasn't been resolved at this point. guys, stay in touch with us, okay? >> we will do. >> best of luck to you and hopefully brownie will have a better day than he has had the last couple of weeks. >> forced to cancel performance because of tensions in the middle east. tell you about that then baby jesus benched then frosty the nativity scene. what's the situation here? plus it's not too early to start thinking of christmas morning breakfast. i knew i smelled something great. delicious recipes that won't pack on the pounds. we'll be right back.
4:28 am
[ male announcer ] introducing...
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a new way to save on your prescriptions. it's the aarp medicarerx saver plus plan from unitedhealthcare. with this plan, you can get copays as low as a dollar through a preferred network pharmacy like walgreens -- where you'll find 8,000 convenient locations. best of all, this plan has the lowest part d premium in the united states -- only $15 a month. open enrollment ends december 7th. so call today or visit your local walgreens. >> >> ho ho ho. camera. everyone is here. >> no fear about this right
4:32 am
now. >> hey, brian,. >> this is your shot of the morning. >> are you kidding me? >> are a are a pelg down the side of the building with bobby valentine. the current general manager of the new york yankees brian cashpin. they could let rick fall but not brian. >> i can't believe they would do that. >> is it freezing out there too. >> it was very cold. i was up on top watching rick from on top of the building, it was cold. you are a brave man, rick. >> i felt better knowing that brian was there you said it. they weren't going to let anything happen to him. so it had to be safe. third year in a row i had done it. you think i would be used to it but it's scary. that's all there is too it so scary it's not even that much
4:33 am
fun. >> i could see that. >> are you sore today? >> both times i went down i really ran into a wall because i have scapes on my legs. >> kudos to he did gangnam style on the way down the building. >> bobby valentine that was his first time doing it. he went in had no fear, incredit -- incredibly good shape 61 or 62. >> across the west big concerns still for flooding and we're going to continue to see rain hit the button. flooding california coastal areas. areas across the inland into the valleys and then the mountains. it's mostly rain. not that much snow. pretty warm system. another storm tomorrow it and additional storm on tuesday. and then we're going to start to see it calm down for about
4:34 am
a week it looks like at this point. that will be good news for the folks right there. your first alert forecast for the day across the northeast, a very little disturbance bringing wind and light snow across parts of new england but it's light snow. not anything that's going to cause big problems. cool day, temps start to warm up tomorrow and by monday they are warming up a lot across the northeast. down to the southeast, we have just tons of sunshine and very warm temps. temps well above average all across the area into texas, abilene 81. 7 had in tulsa. those temps should be into the low 60's this time of year a number of days of temps all above average eastern two thirds of the country. enjoy it today is the beginning of meteorological winter. december 1. so most of the country starts to winter like conditions starting from now and not going to be the case. >> not to be a nerd here i'm a fan of this, rick. meteorological winter starts on the 1. 21st why the difference.
4:35 am
>> astronomical. based off the seasons where the sun angle is the amount of or heat or cold that is in our atmosphere is how we determine meteorological winter those start at the first of the month and goes until the end of february. >> is he one smart cookie. it's december so you can eat a lot of cookies, thanks, rick are. talk about this because it is christmas time and of course everyone is getting up their displays. have you put up the lights on scenes around your house? i got out the lights and started putting on the christmas tree. now there is, of course, the war at schools and whether or not they can actually put up certain themes and nativity theme down at cop ton dale in florida at the center of a controversy this year. >> so the problem is that they had a visit from the board of education. an official from the board of education who stopped by and said, you know, we were going to talk to you about separating church and state and all this business and ultimately the elementary school principal jones decided that quote in an attempt to be fair to everyone we decided that we would not put the nativity scene on campus. i understand her position
4:36 am
because she is not saying we don't want it there. she is saying, you know, there are people that are going to sue us. it's going to cost us a lot of money to fight it in court and we can't deal with it better off just put frosty the snowman. >> the question is this morning are you siding with the minority? are four or five overruling the thousands that want the nativity scene to romaine as a sign of what christmas is all about. do atheists in this case have more constitutional rights than those people who celebrate the symbol of christmas? we see the judges ruling on the side of the eighthists. we atheists. a lot of people emailed us. sally said i think this country is losing the right of religion. i'm jewish and see nothing wrong with all christmas
4:37 am
scenes. >> pat says i agree with the school board. all citizens pay taxes so why should a school only honor the religious traditions of one religion? that's essentially what the -- that's what the atheists are saying look if you are going to put the christmas stuff out you need to include everything, the kwanzaa they are not saying don't put anything out at least the guy on o'reilly was saying that the other night. that's the argument. >> they want the nativity scene removed specifically. let us know how you feel about this. there is the email address or ff weekend on twitter. >> let's do a fox news alert. south korea responding to new reports that north korea will launch long range rockets starting in december. south korea calling the decision a grave provocation that will have international implications. north korea news agency reporting the rockets will shoot off between december 10th and 22nd in order to launch a satellite.
4:38 am
the country reportedly tried launching a long-range rocket back in april but it broke apart after liftoff. it's been criticized as a ballistic missile test which goes against a united nations ban. terrifying moments for an oregon man in hawaii after he felt a tug on his leg. you know where this is going. 61-year-old tom kennedy looked down and saw a shark had ahold of him. >> he released me. and so i started swimming as fast as i could. i was still guessing 100 yards from my board. obviously i wanted to get out of water i could. >> so he made it back to his boat where his friends helped him to shore. his wound is serious but is he expected to be okay. stevie wonder canceling a performance because of tensions in the mideast. he was scheduled to play a benefit for the israeli defense forces but after the u.n. decision this week to upgrade palestine's status to a nonmember observer. they suggested he back out
4:39 am
wonder serves as official messenger for peace for the u.n. he said he would make donation supporting israeli and palestinian children with disabilities. those are the headlines. oh boy, clayton. juliet's kind of segment and dave's segment because is he glue ten-free. only 24 more days until christmas. never too early to plan your holiday meals. this morning we have twice the ideas for breakfast. twice. joining us now the authors of the loony spoons collection sisters janet and greta podlesky. >> perfect. >> you guys are canadian. you have the number one selling cookbook in canada you are called like the jamie oliver of canada for creating healthy recipes that actually look like you really want to eat them. >> we take your favorite comfort foods and give them a healthy twist. in our tv show we have in canada it's like a taste test challenge we put our money where our mouth is. people vote on best tasting.
4:40 am
>> i mentioned the glue ten thing and in your book and david will be excited about this you have how many recipes. >> 150 glue ten-free recipes in the book and 325 total. >> what are we making this morning. >> pumpkin pie pancakes because it's the hole holidays why just thanksgiving? you are north putting out the fruit loops in the morning you want to make something special. as i said we give everything a healthy twist including pancakes in the bowl start with whole wheat flour. half and half. baking powder and salt. spice that makes it taste like pumpkin pie. cloves and cinnamon are great to keep your blood sugar even stephan. >> i develop all the recipes my sister janet is a registered nutritionist. i am the how and she is the why. >> we have corny sinces of humor.
4:41 am
we try to make it fun for people. thee -- these are called punked out flames. >> the infantry --fritada. >> a lot of people making breakfast this morning. >> i stirred in the pumpkin pie spice one and a half to two teaspoons. 2% of evaporated milk used in pumpkin pie. >> it's not evaporated i can still see it. >> butter milk would work fine too if that's what you want. that's traditional. eggs two tablespoons of melted butter. janet, dew point do you want to grab that pumpkin? >> yeah. >> is that have have a nil lancs yes. throw that in. >> very impressive. canned pumpkin is another antioxidant loaded siewmp star. if you are trying to stay young and healthy, canned pumpkin can do the trick. >> can i do the whipping?
4:42 am
>> yes, can you. >> didn't you say pumpkin had to do with antiaging? because my ears perked up in the green room when you said thanks yes, it does. it is the king of carotinoids. >> dump it in. >> on the griddle cook for a couple of minutes. >> that is a lovely assistant you have there greta. >> i don't think i crushed the egg there properly. >> we add protein because you don't want an entirely carb filled breakfasted a vanilla greek yogurt. because everybody knows greek yogurt high in protein. i will put the vanilla greek yogurt on top and drizzle of the maple syrup. >> you made jult's moment. >> pumpkin pie pan cakes. loony spiewns collection. over 2 million sold. great gift for the holidays and our thanks to janet and
4:43 am
greta. thanks so much for joining us. >> thank you. let's eat. >> dave and juliet. >> is that one glue ten free? >> we have a glue ten free flour recipe in our book that you can substitute and make it glue ten free. >> now i really like you people. thank you. >> coming up. student loan debt recently jumped by $42 billion. has the federal lending program made it too easy for college kids to borrow? can you still get a college education without borrowing money? >> novotnyy or nice? who cares? parents plan to buy their kids the same gifts no matter how they behave. but is this sending the wrong message? we will ask that man dr. keith ablow coming up. two years ago, the people of bp made a commitment to the gulf. bp has paid over twenty-three billion dollars
4:44 am
to help those affected and to cover cleanup costs. today, the beaches and gulf are open, and many areas are reporting their best tourism seasons in years. d bp's also committed to america. we support nearly 250,000 jobs and invest more here than anywhere else. we're working to fuel america for generations to come. our commitment has never been stronger. share "not even close." share "you owe me..." share "just right." the share everything plan. sharable data across 10 devices with unlimited talk and text. get a droid razr m by motorola for $49.99.
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4:47 am
>> welcome back, everybody. student loan debt is nearing $1 trillion. after the first time ever the number of delinquent student loans have surpassed even credit card, auto and home equity loans. >> that's crazy. has the federal lending program made it too easy for college students to borrow and are the alternatives to student loans? are they out there? joining us is rachel cruise financial speaker and writer for the dave ramsey organization. good to have you this morning. >> good to -- thanks for having me. >> all righty. so these federal lending programs are designed to make college education more affordable. basically what's happening is creating a pile of debt. >> that's right. so many students are believing the lie that you can't be a student without a student loan. so they are just assuming student loans are are the only way to go to college. >> seems obvious what the down sides would be but let's put them up on the screen how are
4:48 am
people winding up with so much debt? are there things they don't realize going into it. >> i think so. an 18-year-old doesn't con piewt that they may graduate with $27,000 in debt. that's just. >> or more. >> that's just the average. >> and more. the average is coming out to $27,000. i don't think an 18-year-old really realizes how much money that actually is. which brings us to point 2. i feel like if i talk to the 21-year-old version of them they always say i wish i had known this before i went to college. and so i always tell high school seniors you guys have you have got to look at the alternatives. >> let's talk about some of the alternatives. what do you suggest? there are a lot of people out there who get scholarships. it sort of comes easy for them. maybe people need to focus on getting those scholarships and less on going right to the borrowing root. >> exactly, he yes. i tell high school seniors and even students in college apply for as many scholarships as possible. something makes you eligible
4:49 am
for a scholarship. that may mean you know you have to write an essay or fill out a form but do. that will do the work because scholarships are free money. >> also you talk about not necessarily going to the school that sounds the best that's going to cost in excess of even 50 grand a year. a community college may be your best option, an in-state school. i'm curious as to in your thoughts why so many are delinquent today is that because of the recession? is that because jobs aren't paying what they used to or are students just not doing their homework? we talked about this stat earlier it exceeds even delinquent credit card payments. >> yeah. absolutely. you know, i think debt has become so normal in america today and so many students see this high ticket priced item which college ahead of them and they get overwhelmed. that's why i try to break it down for them and if the average college student worked 20 hours a week they could pay their way through an in-state school. they don't hear that they hear i need to go to the fancy college i tell them no stay
4:50 am
in-state take that ino-state tuition and go to community legion for first year or two. it's possible to go to college without a student loan. >> rachel cruise thanks so much. more questions for her find her on twitter cruze. thanks for coming on. >> thanks, rachel. >> thanks so much. >> naughty or nice list. parents don't seem to take that into consideration when it comes to christmas. is this sending the wrong message to our kids? dr. keith ablow is coming in. ♪ [ male announcer ] it's that time of year again. medicare open enrollment. time to compare plans and costs. you don't have to make changes. but it never hurts to see if you can find better coverage, save money, or both. and check out the preventive benefits you get
4:51 am
after the health care law. ♪ open enrollment ends dember 7th. so now's the time. visit or call 1-800-medicare.
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4:53 am
>> welcome back.
4:54 am
it's that time of year again. the list is checked twice. >> a new study finds that 78% of parents plan to buy the same amount of toys for their children regardless of how naughty or nice they have been. >> not me, kids. if you are watching, not me. daddy will buy you no toys if you are bad. >> scrooge. >> could that 78% be sending the wrong message to kids. psychologist and member of the fox news medical a team dr. keith ablow good to see you, doc. >> good toe so you guys. >> is dave wrong here? is he the bad parent or good parent for doing that? >> well, here is the thing. i really believe that empty threats aren't good for kids. and the bottom line is that most parents, whether they say they are going to alter kid's gifts or they don't say they are, they do the same thing. they deliver the very same rewards whether kids or unquote naughty or nice. the empty threat unfortunately can teach them that when you hear a rule or a line in the
4:55 am
sand, ignore it because come christmas morning, the same gifts are always under the tree. so that is a bad message to send kids to say if you are naughty i'm not giving you gifts and go downstairs and there is the new bike. i think that's a bad idea. also not a good idea to let the kids think that christmas is the only time of year where they are really going to be evaluated for their performance. >> well, exactly right. you are a good elf juliet. >> thank you. >> and i would be, therefore, santa in this case. no, santa says this. please do the work of parenting before i arrive christmas because if you are waiting until december 24th and december 25th to teach your kids to be respectful and ethical, then you are really way behind the 8 ball. don't ruin their christmas by having them come down and have no gifts under the tree or reminding them on christmas morning hey, look, you know, your grades aren't that good that's why you get coal. no. this is a forgiving holiday.
4:56 am
this is a joyous holiday. do your work, parents. long before christmas. christmas is a time of forgiveness and love. >> it's up to the elf on the shelf. if the elf on the shelf says they are good, doc, then they get toys. but, isn't the 78%, aren't they essentially in the end just saying you know what? my kids are pretty good. isn't that what is likely happening there? there is some little things. in the end those parents are saying in the end good kids. >> not to take a turn toward the extremely serious. look, parents love their kids. i counsel parents visiting their kids in jail. they are feeling their commissary bank accounts on christmas. their kids have done really bad things. your kids generally all of the kids who are likely to be, you know, the kids of viewers of this show, vast majority, they are good kids. they are trying hard. you can remind them, by the way, christmas morning say look, you got the bike.
4:57 am
the grades you can bring them up a bit but we love you so much. we know you can do it. >> thanks, doctor. we will see you. >> thanks santa ablow. >> you are good elfs. >> one changing christmas tree to a holiday tree. what's the big problem calling it that? governor huckabee top of the hour. don't go away, elves. ps that will make it drop over, and over again. ♪ from jammin' jerk chicken, to creamy gouda bisque. see what's new from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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5:00 am
>> juliet: hello, everybody. it's saturday, december 1st. i'm juliet huddy in for alisyn. it's 8:00 right at the top of the hour east coast time. has christmas come early? president obama hits the road to give wish list to avoid the fiscal cliff. >> if congress does nothing, every family in america will see their income taxes automatically go up on january 1st. that's a scroorge christmas. >> is his recipe the right one for compromise? governor huckabee here with
5:01 am
his thoughts just a moment away. >> and shocking new video, a mom caught on camera sneaking her sick daughter out of a hospital still hooked up to an iv. why police now say she may be headed south of the border and if they don't find her she could die. >> unbelievable. >> and it's a story that has everyone in america talking. forget the war on women. why the war on men has marriage in decline. >> oh, brother. >> the war on men. knew it was happening. >> here would go. >> now i have verification. "fox & friends" begins right now. hello, everybody. welcome in, it's it the first meerge call day of winter according to our own rick reichmuth.
5:02 am
>> if i'm not mistaken the shortest day of the year december 21st? >> yes. >> all right. nailed it. coming up in just a short while how you can give back to the troops this holiday season. in fact, be able to buy a cake for one of your loved ones, ship one overseas to our troops. >> didn't you say these are like the greatest cakes on the planet. >> unbelievable. one of the best carrot cakes i have ever had. governor huckabee in a few minutes but first. >> one of al qaeda's leaders has been caught. al abbey was arrested in southern yemen. he was one of the country's most dangerous and wanted fugitives. he was involved in the murder security officials and other security attacks in yemen. police are desperately searching california and mexico for a missing leukemia patient. the poor little girl. they say the girl's family has ties there. this is new video of 11-year-old emily being taken from arizona hospital by her mom. she reportedly removed emily's
5:03 am
iv and neck her out. doctors say emily could die within days if she does not receive medical care. you can see in the video a little girl's arm has been amputated because of infection. if you see them, you are asked to call police immediately. in the wake of sandy and the week's long struggle for hundreds of thousands of new yorkers to regain power. another long island power authority head bites the dust. lipa chairman howard steinberg said to have quit under fire yesterday. power authority is currently under investigation for performance ever the storm. steinberg joins three other lipa heads that have also quit. including former ceo michael kirby. a sink hole taking out part of a road in northeast, ohio. watch out if you are on this road. this hole is 30 feet deep and as wide as three football fields. people who live nearby say a pond there just suddenly opened up in a matter of minutes. luckily, no one was passing by at the time. officials think a local asphalt company that was dredging the pond might have caused a little bit of a sink
5:04 am
hole. >> this happened to answered of from ours in oregon. walked out in the morning the father was going out to get a newspaper in the morning he he went out and the newspaper wasn't there but there was a giant hole in his front yard instead and they had to move. >> lake front property. >> had to move as a result. >> rick reichmuth in with a check of the weather. it is winter in a matter of speaking, rick. >> most of the country feeling incredibly warm except for out across the west it is still warm just very very wet it's been so warm that all of the elevation -- higher elevation precipitation falling as rain and not as snow. you would like it to be snow but mostly rain. a little bit of break today. lighter rain but the next storm moves in tomorrow. have a series of storms that have been here. but we have two more to get through. one that is going to be pulling in tonight and tomorrow. another one tuesday into wednesday. after that this pattern changes. steady stream of moisture that you see right here coming out of the tropics. heading straight in towards northern california. it is also some of that moisture going in across the pacific northwest. some of it making its way in
5:05 am
towards parts of the northern rockies where it is falling more as snow. anywhere kind of to the east of the rockies is just incredibly warm. take a look next through days omaha 60 degrees next three days pushing 73 in st. louis for monday, kansas city pushing 70. so the heat is there. it's also warm a little farther down towards the south. typically temps should be in the low 60's here. talking 80 degrees in dallas today. guys? >> thanks so much, rick. >> thanks, rick. let's bring in fox news host and author of the brand new book perfect gift for the holidays out second week in the "new york times" best seller list. called deer chandler, deer scarlet. governor mike huckabee is joining us this morning. >> hi, gov. >> you are in dayton, ohio, the home of the first four. >> yeah, indeed. >> in the ncaa tournament game. >> and former home. i used to live in dayton, ohio. hello miamisburg. nice to see you, governor, welcome. >> nice to see you. good morning from dayton, ohio today. >> the president out hematocritting the campaign trail again it seems like
5:06 am
yesterday in hatfield, pennsylvania. i'm surprised maybe he will show up in ohio soon to do another round sort of campaign style speeches. on this fiscal cliff issue. they put forward their proposal which has about $1.6 trillion in additional taxes, about $50 billion in stimulus spending, of course, here are. so numbers on your screen. met with laughter by michigan mcconnell senate minority leader said i didn't take this seriously. what was your take on this? >> i think mcconnell is right. this is not a serious proposal. the republics intimated that they might be willing to put some revenue on the table. and that's when the democrats basically said okay, then we want everything. it's not unlike the used car sales men or even the new car sales men who says i think we have got a deal. let me take the sales manager. then he comes back and says after we add the undercoating and that special paint and a dealer prep package, then it's going to cost you. this look, there is an old line that every person understands, when the teenage
5:07 am
boy says if you just let me kiss you, that's all i want and that's the game the democrats are playing. look,. >> now you are speaking my language. >> i knew that clayton you and dave would totally understand this. >> right. >> but the point is the republics are not going to fall for this and she shouldn't and they couldn't. and it's unfortunate that the president who ought to be sitting in a room with these leaders of congress hammering out the details is instead out trying to negotiate on the front page of the "the washington post." you cannot do that. i was a governor for a long time and when you are dealing with legislation, you have got to get off the front pages of the paper. have you got to tone down the rhetoric and you have got to sit down face to face with people and build relationships and that is leadership. and that's what this president has absolutely gone off the cliff himself. >> i have to agree with you there stop the speeches and start the face-to-face discussions with john boehner. >> bill kristol at the "weekly standard" and many others say the president has the upper
5:08 am
hand here because he is out there saying i want tax cuts for the middle class. he has in fact said the republicans are holding middle class tax cuts hostage. does he have the upper hand and how do republicans play that? >> republics have to remind people that what he really wants is more spending. and that the taxes that he wants to hit the rich with are not going to go to pay down the deficit. they are not going to help them. they are going to lay off 700,000 of them who won't have jobs. and the republics need to simplify the message to simply say if you think the government isn't spending enough money, then support the president. if you think that what we really need to do is stop spending away our grandchildren's future, then you better just tell the president it's time to sit down, come home to washington, stop the speeches, stop the campaigning and get serious about being president of the united states. >> governor, we are talking this morning about a school down in florida. one of probably many schools around the country that have taken down their nativity scenes. they are replacing it with a little frosty the snowman.
5:09 am
board of education guy you are going to have problems with the church and the state the school said we don't want to have any sort of lawsuits and deal with that we will take this stuff away. rhode island, the christmas confusion there. the governor there has a problem with calling it a christmas tree. it's a holiday tree now. he didn't even have the lighting ceremony announce that there was going to be a lighting ceremony until 30 minutes before the ceremony actually happened because last year there was all sorts of protesting going on. so what's your feeling about this? what is this saying about how we are right now as a culture with regard to the holidays and christmas? >> the word christmas means something. christmas. the worship of christ. people with not necessarily have to feel obligated to have a religious experience when it comes to christmas. but the history of christmas is irrefutable. i don't know how we can can be true and authentic to the nature of holiday and somehow deny that it really exists. that is what is illogical
5:10 am
here. i think it's perfectly okay to observe that there are certain holidays in our culture that may have religious significance to some people, may not to others. but you can't deny what they are. and that's what i see happening when you try to put frosty the snowman, you know, in the cresh. you call everything a holiday and refuse to call it christmas. if you are that secular don't take the day off. clock in as usual and don't pretend to have gifts and presents because all of that had significance in the gift-giving to the baby jesus. so either we're gonna be true to the history of the holiday or we're gonna be people living in denial. i think that's just absurd and we have gone to the point of political correctness in a ridiculous way. >> i learned a new word this morning. >> you had clayton ask historyicity.
5:11 am
perfect word myth. what a great word to use there. judge's decision on different things. florida's decision. one-eighthist had a school or someone comes in and makes one, you know, ruffles dirt a little bit and everyone's scene has to be taken down. have to take down the menorah and these types of things. do you feel like the judges in these situations are siding with the minority here? >> well, they certainly are but i think the best way to combat it is that if every person who is a believer would go out and do something remarkably wonderful and do it in the name of christ during the christmas season, give money to a homeless person, and whatever you do say i just want to do this because this is what christmas is to me, i think the goodness could overwhelm the absurdity and cynicism that a lot of people express today. >> we are going to take a break and continue with the governor in just a second after we get back including the war on women -- i mean war
5:12 am
on men. >> war on men, that's right. also they spent $10, got five lotto tickets and have 136 million reasons to celebrate. why are america's newest multimillionaires buying toothpaste? this family's unbelievable story still ahead. sometimes what we suffer from
5:13 am
is bigger than we think ... like the flu. with aches, fever and chills- the flu's a really big deal. so why treat it like it's a little cold? there's something that works differently than over-the-counter remedies. prescription tamiflu attacks the flu virus at its source. so don't wait. call your doctor right away. tamiflu is prescription medicine for treating the flu in adults and children one year and older whose flu symptoms started within the last two days. before taking tamiflu tell your doctor if you're pregnant, nursing. have serious health conditions, or take other medicines. if you develop an allergic reaction, a severe rash, or signs of unusual behavior, stop taking tamiflu and call your doctor immediately.
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children and adolescents in particular may be at an increased risk of seizures, confusion or abnormal behavior. the most common side effects are mild to moderate nausea and vomiting. the flu comes on fast, so ask your doctor about tamiflu. prescription for flu.
5:15 am
early this week on "fox & friends," author suzanne vinker said the changing roles of women may to be blame. >> what you have today are
5:16 am
women who are specifically trying to do it the opposite way that women used to go to college to find a husband. flipped that which is absolutely fine but the problem is the focus is so -- has shifted so greatly that there is no thought to marriage and motherhood and how that is going to fit in around this other core focus. what's happening to a lot of people is the attitude towards marriage is one that's something that is going to keep you from becoming something. you don't have to be in charge. it's okay to depend on a guy and be your prince charming, that's not bad things. that's gotten lost in this whole female empowerment hear me roar. >> what does governor huckabee think about this? he is an expert in women and men. what do you think about this? is there a war on men? >> i don't know if it's a war on men we come a a place a
5:17 am
difference. the fact is god made men different from women. i didn't even have to take high school biology to know he that. and the difference is important. and the differences are what attracts people. to each, and the idea that equality means -- equality value is not the same as sameness which means that we are exactly alike. and that's what i do believe in our politically correct culture we are missing. there is a wonderful difference between how men think and how women think. men will never yumed stand women. women will never understand men. we spent our life times. >> ain't that the truth. >> it is the truth, juliet. that's the whole point of what makes life interesting. and i don't want the sameness. i want that difference. and i have been married 38 years. i still haven't figured it out. >> can i just jump in here as the lone female here? i do have to say that
5:18 am
chivalry. gentlemenly behavior seems to have gone out the door. i basically know one guy who consistently when i sit down. >> in part. >> that's not true. you don't get it? >> there is something too that. >> i am telling you right now. >> is there something to that that maybe there is a double standard. >> it's unfortunate that chivalry has died. i was raised a southern boy where, you know, even if you walked a lady, you walked on the street side and the lady walked on the inside. you opened doors, and, you know, there are times you do that and somebody looks at you like i'm not helpless. it's not about you're helpless, i value you. i elevate you. it's not about being stronger or you being weaker. it's about you being special and unique or someone who ought to be honored and real attitude that men ought to have toward women is that. >> dana perino is hosting your show tonight. that is how you are elevating the lady tonight any advice
5:19 am
for dana who is coming up on our show? any advice for hosting your show. >> don't do it very well because i don't want to lose the opportunity to do it next week. [ laughter ] >> that's great advice. >> do it well but don't overdo it dana, straight play it straight. but i value you. >> governor, we value you. >> thank you. >> thank you so much for joining us this morning and we will see you next weekend. >> great to be with you. >> all right. see you then. >> all right. go juliet. >> thanks. >> ladies first. >> security fear as possible plan to bring gitmo detainees to america. why one military mom says it's a slap to face son and brave soldiers. >> hands off unless you are 19 or older. some lawmakers want to put a drinking age on energy drinks. is the government going too far? hands off my red bull. why is it that the most impressive technology
5:20 am
often comes with a set of equally impressive instructions ? shouldn't something that's truly advanced, not need much explanation at all ? with the nokia lumia 822 on verizon, there's not much to learn because it's powered by windows... to let you do more than you ever imagined on your smartphone. exclusively with data sense-- a feature that makes the most of your plan. only on verizon.
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5:23 am
>> welcome back to "fox & friends." quick headlines for you now. two south florida brothers appearing in fort lauderdale court for alleged terror plot. accused of conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction here in the united states. the men are naturalized citizens from pakistan. one of them has allegedly been in contact with radicals overseas and possibly have ties to al qaeda. listen up, ford owners, the auto maker recalling 2013 fusion and escapes with 1.6-liter turbo charged engines. ford says the engines can overheat causing a fire. 13 fires have been reported. no injuries thus far. dave? >> thank you, clayton. there was a new attempt this week to close down the detention facility at guantanamo bay and move 170
5:24 am
suspected terrorists to prisons here in the united states. center dianne feinstein released a government report saying the transferring of detainees could be done safely and easily as long as the political will existed. our next guest says that's a bad idea. beverly pearl son is a moms who son john had served overseas through four deployments she joins us now. good morning to you, beverly. >> thank you for having me. >> go ahead. >> before i say anything or comment on that. i just want to say merry christmas and thank you to our troops serving all over the world. my family is grateful for all you are doing to keep us safe. they have done a tremendous job and they don't get credit. they don't hear thank you enough. bring terrorists to our shores. i have toll it you it's a punch in the gut and a slap in the head to all of the gold
5:25 am
star families whose sons and daughters gave their lives in this mission to keep terrorists away from our shores. now they want to bring the terrorists right here to our country. they say it will save $100 million a year. many feel it cost money because you would have to reoutfit a lot of these prisons. what is your biggest concern about those prisoners being held within our borders? >> well, my biggest concern and what should concern every american is the safety of americans. and bringing the worst of the worst terrorists here to our shores is -- it's number one, it's unpatriotic for this president to do that in my opinion. you know, to hold the defense bill as hostage. the very bill that funds what our troops do is absolutely unforgivable. but it puts all of us in
5:26 am
danger and i resent it. >> what do these other gold star moms like yourself feel about the potential to transfer these suspects? >> you know, their sons gave their lives to keep us all safe here. and their mission was to keep terrorists away from us. so, you know, to now bring these terrorists to our shores is a slap in their face. why did their sons give their lives in sacrifice if now this president is going to bring those -- the worst of the worst terrorists to these shores. >> the senator feinstein she brought up the political will. it's doubtful this has any chance in clearing the republic-led house. thanks so much for being here beverly pearlson. thank your family for their sacrifice as well. >> thank you. >> coming up, remember that u.s. open tennis referee busted for allegedly killing her husband? now a surprising twist that could have her back in the umpire's chair. and they spent $10, got five
5:27 am
lotto tickets and now have 136 million reasons to celebrate. why are america's newest millionaires only buying toothpaste? the unbelievable story behind this family and your emails next. [ male announcer ] we all make bad decisions.
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that's insurance for the modern world. esurance. now backed by allstate. click or call. >> all right. welcome back. this is dave's favorite time of the year. the time you get to eat these cakes. it's worth the stomach ache for me. bake me a wish time. get yourself, in my opinion the best carrot cake on the planet and help out our troops who desperately need a little taste of home. >> to support our american troops throughout the world, their partnership with soldier angels, operation birthday cake program. these cakes arriving overseas to the troops. they get a little taste of home. what's great is they have just rolled out brand new brownies, bake me a when you order the brownies actually ship them overcease. also have the freedom cake. the freedom cake is their most popular. buy a cake same one you are getting one. >> buy a cake more mom and
5:32 am
dad, they get a cake and the troops overseas get a cake as well. again, this stuff is delicious. you have might think because it comes in a box and ships overseas it's not soft and delicious it is fantastic. cookies, brownies, all part of the deal this year dave is glue ten free and best carrot cake he has had. bake me a and order one right now for your christmas. >> oh, yeah. >> is it good? >> sorry, juliet. >> there is plenty more -- for me. i see. update on new jersey train derailment that left toxic gas spewing into the sky. readings taken last night show high levels of vinyl chloride in the air. authorities evacuated several hundred more people than they did immediately after the crash. dozens of people have gotten sick from the spill. officials still looking into the cause of the accident. crews are now figure gureg out how to remove thousands of gallon the chemicals.
5:33 am
pro-tennis referee. remember this lady? arrested before the u.s. open. she will not be tried for her husband's death. receive new information and didn't have the evidence at the move forward. police accused goodman of using a coffee mug to kill her 80-year-old husband. goodman claimed he accidently fell down the stairs and died. kids may have to wait to get drinks like these. plan to ban the drinks under age 19. loaded with caffeine and other ingredients bad for your health. that could create controversy. a spokesman says coffee houses should then be forced to card people before selling coffee or tea. those are your headlines. rick reichmuth, i cannot believe you rappeled down that building that was unbelievable. >> i can't believe i did it more than once. >> i can't either. three years in a row.
5:34 am
>> what's wrong with you? >> i don't know. i keep on thinking i might eventually become fun once i get over the nerves. it hasn't happened just yet. anyway. all right. take a look at the weather maps. flooding concerns across central and northern california because we have had a lot of rain there in fact, over the last month. some areas have seen over 20 inches of rain. another storm coming in on tuesday. take a look at some of the video coming out of here. this is some flooding video that we have out of northern california. and so much rain that a lot of the areas just cannot handle this much water because the ground got really saturated from the storms we had a couple of weeks ago. now, go to the higher elevations and up in mammoth mountain they are getting snow. very high with this. very series of warm systems. there is some snow out there. good news for some of the ski areas that have been getting some very good snow out of this. take a look at your first alert forecast for the day today. and across the northeast. a cold one. it will start to warm up by tomorrow. that's going to be a few warm days across the northeast.
5:35 am
light snow across new england today. down to the southeast we have got a gorgeous day. a rain across a lot of the south. not getting it continue to see a lot of sunshine and warm temperatures. a lot of these temps especially into texas are around 20 degrees above where you typically should be this time of year. into the northern plains, also well above your typical temps. remain warm the next couple of days. we continue to hold into this pattern. out across the west that's where our troubles will continue to be. rain lighter today into northern california. but by this evening, the next system pulls on in and very heavy rain tonight and tomorrow in northern california. that spreads all across the pacific northwest and then we will see some snow falling in across the higher he will vations in towards the northern rockies. back to you inside. >> thanks, rick. what would you do rick. stay on the screen there. >> what would you do? >> if you won $289 million in the lottery like that couple from the midwest did, would you -- do you think you would change the person? >> would you be here right now? >> probably not. >> yeah, i would be here for
5:36 am
going away weekend. >> right. you would get out of bed at 4:00 a.m. >> one more time and that's it. >> they are worried are -- the couple is worried whether or not they can can remain true to themselves, still go out for the friday fish night. let's listen to the couple after winning the big lottery in that press conference. take a listen. >> we will still be going down to the corner cafe for breakfast or fish day. can i guarantee you that. and, you know, i mean, it's just us. we are just normal human beings. i mean, we're as common as anybody. we just have a little bit more money. >> we had to get like toothpaste and stuff like that. so i found myself in the store still looking at the prices of stuff. >> we want to say, too. that god blessed us with this and for some reason he put it in our hands. i think to make sure that it goes to the right things. and but we were blessed before we ever won. this. >> that's so great. i was so miserable when i didn't win.
5:37 am
but i'm so happy for them. >> i'm glad you played. i played too. cindy said she had been laid off back in 2010. they really needed it. he just found a job as a mechanic. he is going to buy a red chef chevy camaro but plans to still be thrifty. >> what would you do? world peace and all of that. >> i wouldn't be sitting here. >> you would wake up at 3:00 a.m. >> i like working. >> i do, too. >> i would take a long vacation. >> a long vacation. >> the thing is if you enjoy what you do. if you are an artist, if you love what you do and i love television, so it wouldn't be difficult for me to stay doing what i love doing. but yeah, if you were like he having to just take a part time work as a mechanic to put food on his table chances of him having to go to that garage. >> i already quit. >> i think he already quit. deer born, missouri. >> we should mention there is still one other person out there who won who hasn't come forward yet. >> that's right. arizona ticket, some feel it may have been spotted in
5:38 am
maryland because there was a person spotted celebrating after looking at a ticket on a security cam video no confirmation yet. >> i love how you have done your research. >> you have to claim it in arizona. >> got to hire lawyers. >> yeah. believe me. smartest thing to do. >> with the taxes, how do you plan for the future? it's a whole ballgame. >> good problem to have. >> really. eating fruit may not be as good for you as you think. we will find out the story behind that. >> then, seven years ago hurricane katrina left with next to nothing. today giving back to those in need. there they come. you will meet them in a second. copd makes it hard to breathe, but with advair, i'm breathing better.
5:39 am
so now i can be in the scene. advair is clinically proven to help significantly improve lung function. unlike most copd medications, advair contains both an anti-inflammatory and a long-acting bronchodilator working together to help improve your lung function all day. advair won't replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms and should not be used more than twice a day. people with copd taking advair may have a higher chance of pneumonia. advair may increase your risk of osteoporosis and some eye problems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking advair. if you're still having difficulty breathing, ask your doctor if including advair could help improve your lung function. get your first full prescription free and save on refills at
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>> welcome back, here are the top stories on our web site for your health. even when if you worked out evey day you could face health risk sedentary wife. women who work out regularly and sat if in between face risk of diabetes, heart disease obesity and more. there is such a thing as too much fruit. researchers found drinking fruit or vegetable juice before a meal increased hunger and weight gain. eating fruits and veggies over long periods did not help people eat less over time. for more information visit slash weekend. >> thank you very much, dave. firefighters from the big easy have come to the big apple and brought muscle and money to help with aid from hurricane sandy. two new orleans fire department captains paying it forward after new york city firefighters helped them during hurricane katrina seven years ago. joining us now captain david nic and captain steve lambert.
5:43 am
guys good to have you here. >> you got a little bit of a scratchy though throat. have you been working nonstop. you came from new orleans because you just said it was sort of deja vu all over again. explain. >> very, very much so. the amount of devastation, you know, that's going on, it looks a lot like hurricane katrina. and, you know, the folks now, they are feeling like this isn't in the news enough. and, you know, one of the things that we want to say is, you know, people need to come here and help. that's why we are here. >> you were helped seven years ago during hurricane katrina by the folks up here? >> yes. my brothers up here the new york firemen came down and helped us. and it really uplifted our spirits after being in the city. >> i would imagine it's also, you know, it gives people here hope because they see what, you know, that you guys, who have lost things, personal things, lost so much. you are, you know, resilient, have you bounced back. >> listen, we don't have 600
5:44 am
people to send up here like new york did for us. but, we have made -- what made the difference is the fact that they cared when they came for us. that's what we are trying to accomplish. it's amazing after 9/11 how many new york firearm we actually knew. that helped us. to this day we are friends with many of them and the reception has been great for us and we have been working. you know, we are trying to give back basically. >> >> uplifting of spirits. >> what's going on with you as far as your work back there? you are taking time off. this is time off for you? >> in order for us to come here, okay? we have a total of 36 members come in over a three week period. we needed to come up with 96 shift trades. so if you do the math, although we are not coming up here with hundreds of guys, it took 132 men to pull this off. >> what are people's reactions? what are they saying to to you? >> everybody is grateful to see us.
5:45 am
they are real happy. if we can just uplift some of these people's spirits and let them know that things are going to get better. every day is going to be better. >> you know, i have talked to some friends who don't live in this area. you know, live on the west coast. it seems like people outside of this area just don't get how horrific it is now, you know. for these people who have lost their homes. their neighborhoods, i think a lot of people here, especially the ones the fact they feel like it's forgotten already. in a lot of ways it is, you know, in new orleans, sandy is in the news every day. they probably mentioning something because we came up here. but, you know, that is a message that needs to keep staying out there. people that rebuild new orleans wasn't just firearm. it was basically the volunteer groups, the church groups and they kept coming in waves. and that's what's going to be the difference here. the folks here near to understand it's not going to be fixed overnight. >> it's seven years later and
5:46 am
we still have groups coming down to new orleans. and the people up here need to realize that it's going to work like that. it's a long road. and we just want the people across the country to know y'all do need to keep coming here. >> there are a lot of people very frustrated by the power authorities and so forth and do you feel that they are being unfair to these organizations or these companies? because, i mean, look at this devastation? >> it's so much devastation. this is a massive thing. and those guys out there doing everything they can to get the power back on. they are working hard. it's just -- it's a lot of work to be done in a small amount of time. they can't just walk out there and flip a switch and have everybody back on. >> thank you guys very much for what you are doing, it's a wonderful thing. go ahead. >> i would really like to say, this okay. we certainly came up here on our own dime. but it would not have happened without the help of southwest airlines. we asked them to partner with us and we examined maybe a 10%
5:47 am
discount or something. these people are picking up over $30,000 tab to fly us here. >> that's fantastic. >> and fly us back. the other issue was housing and who to partner with. the group that we chose is a group called friends of firefighters here in brooklyn. these people were established to help the firearm from ground zero that suffered and one of the first nonprofits off the ground during hurricane sandy. >> all right. well, you get some rest. >> thank you. >> you need to rest. pretty voice here. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> budget cuts let this criminal go free. but he has not apparently learned his lesson. he was just arrested 65 minutes later., moms and kids l. clayton has the latest holiday gifts for dad including these strange sunglasses that apparently allow you to shoot hd video and pictures with single click. very smooth,clayton. very hip. [ knock on door ]
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>> welcome back, everybody. moms and kids think twice about buying dad a tie this year because we have hot gifts that you can buy your dad, your men for the holidays. >> although clayton could use some ties because then we wouldn't match. >> yeah. >> our own gadget guru clayton is here with awesome stuff four the guy. >> i often try to do the men first women are out there buying. men wait until the last minute. if they want a gadget check these out pivot head hd recording glasses. put them on your forehead and can't tell they are different style classes. shoots hd video. out with the kids playing with them in the yard.
5:52 am
hit the button on the side. you are recording hd video. also takes pictures and it's full 100% protection. >> made for spying. clearly. don't kid ourselves. >> i'm recording you right now. >> those would be strange seeing somebody walk down the street are w. those things. >> they don't look much difference. >> sling box. i want to buy one for my brother. it's really a gift for me. >> put a sling box in your brother's house no matter where he lives and you then can stream his cable box on any device on android devices, i have got my home cable box right now good to see that my wife is watching "fox & friends." it's hooked up to a sling box and i'm streaming it right to my ipad mini. i watch it and access my dvr. all of my recorded content. they have two different sizes for the sling box. i love the sling box. >> i can can watch the bronco games here in new york with your brother's cable box back in colorado. best radar detector on the market.
5:53 am
cobra. lcd screen. problem with radar it needs to lay flat. we will put lcd screen that flips around and let's you see all the red light cameras radar detection. it flips down in case you don't need it for the day. most powerful. >> connie needs that, i bet she flies on the highway. >> yes i do. >> ear buds? good sound quality. i chose two companies i love a lot. clips makes great sounding audio right here. clips ear buds right here. and they make over ear protection as well as the actual inner ear buds down here if you scroll down the one for the sport and just general listening. microphone built in. the same with the house of marley. these guys have tangle free cords. i love their earth like design ecofriendly and sound quality is fantastic and they are durable. i have tested both of these very durable. you north going to be buying new ones in a month. >> cord is huge.
5:54 am
>> sony vaio duo laptop. men need ultra book and laptop. sony has just come out with new windows 8 pc tablet, also. touch screen and flip down and turns into a tablet. so i can use a stylist on here and write whatever. it flips up if i can get my hands down there. >> treat it as an ipad. >> right. if i can get my hands down there and reach it up but i can't reach down. each leaning over gawntle here. >> there you go. >> next up. sound quality. dave i know you are in the market for great speakers. brand new speakers they have a bunch of different varieties and colors colors with italian l coverings on the front of these things. sound quality is fantastic. available at the apple store. >> are they blue tooth. >> blue tooth as well as air play. apple has air play technology hit the button, boom you can stream it right there. works with blue tooth connects that way. room filling sound gorgeous. doesn't look bad if you sit it
5:55 am
on the counter top your wife won't get mad like the columns that people buy and put it out deck corively on buffet tables and stuff. >> bring those to a party if you are outdoors. >> my golf game needs help. >> here is something else you can pick up at the apple store i ping. you know ping golf. they have come up with a connector that goes on your putter and uses iphone or ipad touch and excel rom ter and g.p.s. to find out how well or poorly you are putting. >> just in terms of your putting stroke. >> attach it to the back of the putter, download the free i ping app. from the app. store because of all of the technology inside of the iphone you get to tell exactly if i'm going too fast. i'm cutting a little bit to the right. cutting a little bit to the left. all of that information you can store it, keep track of it and improve your game. >> tempo is everything, my friend. >> there you go. check it out. if you missed any of these things find me on twitter at clayton morris, i will answer
5:56 am
any of your questions. if you missed any of these watch on we will have the full segment there. >> good job. tax and spend that's what the president is proposing. where is the compromise? dana perino weighs in on the cliff coming up. >> stevie wonder forced to cancel a performance because the u.n. thinks he is a threat to peace in the middle east. hear this one. ♪ somehow i know i have been ♪ for once i can touch what my heart used to dream of ♪ long before i knew ♪ [ male announcer ] there's a better way... v8 v-fusion. vegetable nutrition they need, fruit taste they love. could've had a v8. or...try kids boxes!
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>> good morning, everybody, it's saturday. december 1st. i'm juliet huddy in for ali. president obama gave republicans an early christmas
6:00 am
gift. his budget proposal. >> if congress does nothing, every family in america will see their income taxes automatically go up on january 1st, that's a scrooge christmas. >> and republicans aren't going to be returning to gift as taxing and spending climbs off the fiscal cliff is inevitable. and secretary of state susan rice, the ambassador still getting a ton of support from the white house, but benghazi it seems may not be the only blemish on her record. we'll tell you the only one. >> clayton: plus, baby jesus benched and frost if i the snowman, i don't remember him at the nativity. and "fox & friends" hour four, are we in hour four already? time flies when there's food around. ♪
6:01 am
>> welcome to "fox & friends," everybody, december 1st, which means there's an elf on the shelf loose in my house. >> clayton: i've got up on the shelf. >> dave: first appears on december 1st. >> clayton: what's the appeal of elf on the shelf, and keep the kids in line. >> dave: the elf comes from the the north control. >> clayton: but the elf is working for santa. >> dave: and the elf reports directly, he does. >> he moves around. >> dave: and reports back to santa every day. >> clayton: better be good. >> juliet: what if the elf is comfortable in a certain spot. >> dave: that happens, and might hang out at the curvy couch in one spot by accident, thank you very much, juliet. >> clayton: and there's not much time for the fiscal cliff negotiation to get done in washington. will they get it done? well, the president out on the campaign trail, if you will, yesterday in hatfield, pennsylvania, trying to sell his new budget proposal and we'll get to the finer details in just a second and he's out there striking up a populace
6:02 am
tone. let's listen to the president. >> santa delivers everywhere. i've been keeping my own naughty and nice list for washington so you should keep your eye on who gets some kinects some members of congress who get them. i'm ready to sign, there are no shortage of pens in the white house and carry one around for an emergency. >> juliet: toy factory, that's what kinnects are. and governor huckabee was on the president should not be doing this in front of these audiences and he so forth, he could be sitting down with the folks from across the aisle and that's where it should be hashed out, not in front of the american people. >> dave: right, you're the president, you're the one who was elected and reelect today lead and not go out there and give speeches and test the polls. sit down with john boehner, the speaker of the house and get it deal done.
6:03 am
here is how boehner relayed the state of the talks or nonexistent talks on friday. >> it was not a serious proposal and so right now, we're almost nowhere. and there's a stalemate. let's not kid ourselves. i'm not trying to make this more difficult, if you've watched me over the last three weeks, i've been very guarded in what i have to say. i don't want to make it harder for me or the president or members of both parties to be able to find common ground. >> clayton: the white house says, look, we have been talking, having meetings and when asked had a question on that criticism about the president leading. he says, look, this is what i was reelected on. these messages we're selling to the american people out on the campaign trail, this is why i was reelected and they have lumped into this new budget deal and this proposal, exactly what he was telling the american people the white house says and here are some of the details. take a look at your screen. 1.6 trillion dollars in tax
6:04 am
increases. 50 billion dollars in new stimulus spending next year, and 50 billion in unspecified medicare cut. >> juliet: 400 million. >> clayton: 400 million excuse me, awn virtually unlimited ability for the governor to raise money. you can look at your screen, don't have to stare at me. . >> dave: and to raise it if and when necessary, there's nothing at that reflects compromise in this offer. there is none. there's no compromise ap the president' line is the republicans are holding middle class tax cuts hostage and they don't want damage to the economy and what the president said a few years ago cutting off the bush tax cut. he has to make a serious proposal and 31 days and this is not going to get it done and the president knows it. >> clayton: is this like the start of the negotiation, how it strikes you? >> yeah. >> clayton: and in first. >> dave: two weeks they recess
6:05 am
for christmas. >> juliet: it's the president, it's not difficult to get speaker boehner to come into the white house and-- >> they have great food. invite him for tea and finger sandwiches. >> juliet: we're going to get to headlines and a fox news alert. one of al-qaeda's top leaders reportedly has been talked. yemen's al labi. involved in the murder of security officials and terrorist attacks in yemen. police are desperately searching for a missing lukemia patient. the family has ties there. 11-year-old emily was taken from an arizona hospital from her mother. the mother removed the iv and took her out. she could die within days. you can see the child's arm amputated because of
6:06 am
infection. if you see the people, call the police. terrifying moments from an oregon man snorkeling in hawaii after he felt a tug on his leg and now what that probably was. 61-year-old tom kennedy saw a shark had a hold of him. >> it released me and so, i started swimming as fast as i could. i was still guessing a hundred yards from my board and obviously i wanted to get out of the water if i could. >> made it back to his paddle boat and friends helped him to shore. his wound is serious. stevie wonder canceling a performance so he doesn't make tensions worse at the middle east. he was scheduled to play for the israeli defense forces after the u.n.'s decision to upgrade palestinian status to a nonmember observer, they suggested he back out. and wonder served as an official messenger for peace for the u.n. and those are the headlines. >> clayton: let's check with
6:07 am
rick reichmuth for the 1st of december forecast. >> juliet: hello, rick. >> rick: yeah, a lot of rain across the west and the rest looking pretty good. rain extremely, two rounds of very heavy rain this month in northern california and this one brought over ten inches for a lot of people and about ten inches last time. the ground is saturated and there's rain today, but it's lighter by this, and even the next round moves in and heavy again for much of the day tomorrow. another 5 to 7 inches for a lot of people and isolated amounts up to ten inches and another disturbance, tuesday into wednesday and calm things down across parts of california. in the meantime, more flooding concerns and into washington and interior sections in the far, far higher elevations are going to see snow. so, a lot to be had there. go anywhere east of the rockies and we'll talk about warm temperatures. look today, temperatures in your averages, a lot of places around 25 degrees above where you typically would be this time of year and looks like
6:08 am
we're gog stay that way in coming week, although a couple of disturbances that cause problems. and today is the cool and gloomier day the next couple of days and philadelphia up to 61 by monday and new york up to 57 and there's warmer air moving into the northeast as well. guys. >> nice, all right, thanks. >> and let's talk about this, because a school in florida at the cotton dale elementary school in florida has for years had a nativity scene up there, in the school. like many schools do, many churches do and many montessori schools, you name it and now asked basically to remove portions of the nativity scene and replacing it with eye opening items. it's in the utility closet in the school because as you might expect, local atheist groups were angry over the presence of this scene and the separation of such and state. >> this is what the principal has to say about the whole situation, in an attempt to be fair to everyone, we decided that we would just not put the
6:09 am
nativity out on campus and to be fair-- >> and they put frosty the snowman out. >> and the principal didn't say anything about not liking the nativity scene, she just said that she felt pressured by the board of education officials who stopped by and basically talked about the issue that seemed to come up and the principal is just worried about having to take the situation to court and having to, you know, spend all sorts of money in a lawsuit. just to avoid that, you know, we're just going to back off and we're going to make it, now, non-nonreligious. >> clayton: we asked governor huckabee the question earlier on the show, whether this is a sort of constitutional issue and whether or not in court, atheists, one individual who raises a stink and ends up the legal battles on the side of the minority. he says, yes, it repeatedly happens when everyone else was fine with it. >> dave: and the atheists may
6:10 am
the get better constitutional rights than those who celebrate christmas. let us know. the twitter address at ff weekend. and a legal battle brewing in the military. should women be allowed to fight on the front lines? some say no. we have a fair and balanced debate ahead. >> juliet: and we just showed you the president's plan. so how should republicans respond? dana perino is here and she joins us right after the break. ♪
6:11 am
6:12 am
6:13 am
>> welcome back, everybody. 31 days until the nation is set to go over the so-called fiscal cliff and president obama making his case to raise
6:14 am
taxes on the rich while john boehner, the speaker of the house opens negotiating. >> it's not acceptable to me and i don't think it's acceptable to you, for a handful of republicans in congress to hold middle class tax cuts hostage simply because they don't want the tax rates on upper income folks to go up. all right? that, that doesn't make sense. >> increasing tax rates draws money away from our economy that needs to be invested in our economy that needs to put the american people back to work. it's the wrong approach. and we're willing to put revenues on the table, but revenues that come from closing loopholes, getting rid of special interest deductions and not raising rates. >> clayton: so with all of that, the white house saying they're unwilling to compromise on tax likes for the wealthy, where do we go from here. >> juliet: let's ask dana perino, currently on "the five" fox news channel.
6:15 am
>> how are you. >> a great so-so far, lots of calories on that table out there. >> dave: speaking of ugly, how was the offer from the white house new taxes and 50 billion in new stimulus spending. . >> it's a classic bait and switch by the president. and people in congress from both sides of the aisle they don't like that kind of thing and john boehner had said back in february of 2012, let's try get in done, mr. president, before the election gets too intense, because it's going to be bad for the economy to have this uncertainty and the president said, yes, thank you very much i'm going to go ahead and they didn't do anything until now. and then for a few days we talked about the republicans, they're in disarray and finally got the message, like, wait a second, president doesn't have a plan? they didn't have anything ready to go and they come tooting with something so laughable. the president says it's
6:16 am
unacceptable for a handful of people to stop the policy, but if you get the same revenue from wealthier people reducing deductions and not going with rates, why wouldn't you take that deal, mr. president. >> clayton: and the president and white house talking, we won reelection on the message and talking to individuals about and therefore they see the polls and 60% of americans agree with our plan here and that's why the president is out here doing the speeches. and you know, love it or hate it-- from the political pr standpoint, the president is best at doing one thing, and that is campaigning and going around and if you listen to some of the messages, you have to realize that if he were back home in washington, and able to sit down and they would be able to get to some sort of a deal, but mitch mcconnell shall the senate minority leader, this is a man who is very steady, okay? he does not show emotion one way or another, when timothy geithner, the treasury secretary comes to give the president's plan, mitch mcconnell laughed out loud because here is the the thing, what everybody was told during
6:17 am
the campaign is that we had to look at some hard truths and deal with the government spending. and most people in america, want the government to spend less to get their physical-- get everything under control. in addition to asking for not just the tax rate, they want the stimulus bill, like another stimulus to do what? and worked so well the last time? don't think so. the third thing the president asked for distasteful, unlimited power for him to be able to raise the debt limit whenever he wants and i think that's why mcconnell laughed and bait and switch. and at the beginning of the week i thought they would get a deal. i'm not so sure. >> juliet: we're going over the fiscal cliff? >> i don't know, 31 days, plenty of time. and for as many decembers as i can remember. >> clayton: you're hosting the huckabee show, and earlier
6:18 am
dave asked mr. huckabee what kind of advice he had. >> what did he say? >> you're going to see. >> don't do it very well because i don't want to lose the opportunity to do it next week. do it well, but don't overdo it, dana, just play it it straight. >> and don't over deliver. >> i don't think he has to worry about that. we have a good show, colonel allen west is on and mike gonzalez who at the herridge foundation and really looked a lot at latino outreach from the conservative perspective and he'll be on. also, i'm going to take some questions from the audience because i can't play an instrument so that's what i'm going to do instead and we're going to talk to sandy victims getting a hard time to get the government and insurance companies to help them. a month since the storm and we don't want people to forget about it. >> so people are going to ask you about beckel, clearly. >> and in the country, no matter what airport, what restaurant there's only one question that people want to know about "the five." .
6:19 am
>> do you like bob beckel. >> how do you deal with-- >> how do you tolerate him. does ebl what he-- >> sometimes i can answer that. asked in kimberly and andrea can walk in those shoes and people ask is he crazy, a genius or funny, some people don't get him. like i really get him and start laughing before he finishes sentences. >> dave: well, don't overdeliver tonight at eight o'clock, if you want to follow the governor's advice. >> and big shoes to fill. >> juliet: thanks, dana. >> clayton: service women denied from fighting on the front line. is this an outdated measure and outright discrimination? we'll debate that next. >> juliet: so long dollar bill, hello coins? why lawmakers say it's time for more change. ♪
6:20 am
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6:23 am
♪ > >> it's time for your news by the numbers. first, how many u.s. cities are in a recovery and right now, knoxville, dallas and pittsburgh are the only metro areas improving. and that number is actually up from a year ago when zero were in the company and first, 4 billion dollars, and how much a federal audit says could be saved the next 30 years by getting rid of the dollar bill and replacing it with the dollar coin. and finally, 55, and that's how long this oregon inmate was a free man before be arrested again for robbing a bank. wonder if he took in an
6:24 am
episode of homed, 55 minutes. >> dave: what did he do in the hour. >> clayton:ing. >> dave: and fighting for equal rights on the battlefield and four female filed a lawsuit, the pentagon says it cannot comment on the current case and while they say they're working on a solution, they claim it's a clear case of discrimination and is it? and a veteran of the marine corps, gunnery sergeant jessie james and since the ban was lifted on women in 1991, retired air force colonel, good to see you both. >> good morning. >> thanks for having me on. >> dave: this is a very interesting debate and why should women be excluded from combat. >> well, if women are already participating on the front line, that isn't the issue here and what i'm seeing in this lsuit is that women are insisting upon being in
6:25 am
combat, infantry position and that's where i feel it's inappropriate because the requirements for them to get into the infantry are very, very extreme and men that do not pick that field to go into and are put in, based upon the requirements of joining the military. so if the women are getting into the field, all women must be capable of performing the function as the men are when they enlist into the military. and capability to get in. and women right now do not have the same standards as men to even enlist in the military. >> martha? >> well, again, women are on the front lines, women are in combat right now in case anybody didn't get the memo. i mean, they are killing the bad guys, they are giving their lives for their country, they're coming back wounded and coming back from ptsd. they're in combat and talking about a 18-year-old policy that's very outdated that restricts women from being in any positions associated with a ground combat unit and
6:26 am
that's defined by being well forward on the battlefield. it's outdated, irrelevant and a pentagon policy that quite frankly they're maneuvering women around and attaching them to units instead of assigning them to units and in order to, you know, agree with the letter of the law, but actually allow women to actually be out in combat because they have been very important on the battlefield as we've seen in iraq and afghanistan. and so, the issue here is about setting standards for positions, making sure we have the best man for the job even if it's a woman and whatever the standards are, includes physical strength and aptitude, intellect, courage, leadership, all of those things are current soldiers, sailors, airmen and marine in many positions and you set the standard and you recruit from the highest number of people, 100% of your population. >> and you make them uniform across the board. >> and it's u.s. versus virginia 96. they say keeping women out on
6:27 am
things must be be based on genuine not hypothetical statistics and they might not be overbroad about the talents or capacities of males and female, is it about generalizations or data that says that women cannot do the job? >> there is specific data that basically indicates that women have 45% less muscle mass and 25% less muscle capacity. when you're headed out to a combat situation, the field gear is up to 130 pounds. i worked as logistics marine during 20 years and went on force marches, 12 to 15 miles long, my pack alone, just the pack wade 25 pounds and kevlar helmet. flak jacket and rifle additional pound of weight. i had to do that on a regular basis and the physical fatigue i experienced i could not imagine any man having to sustain that for six to seven days at a time which the infantry does when they're out in the field and the women
6:28 am
that want equality in the military have to understand several things, in the field they are placed in right now, they are treated equally. they are given the adequate opportunity to get promoted in the field of their choice they're in, but the infantry itself is a ground pounder. this is equivalent to the nfl with 120 pound back on your back and getting hit by a linebacker day after day. >> dave: the physical requirements are brutal. one last word from martha quick. some say it would upset the chemistry, if you will, of a unit. are you at all concerned about that? >> yeah, let's just say, you know, this is over 200,000 positions that women are currently restricted from, it's not just infantry, this is special operations helicopters, i mean, this is in a tank, this is artillery fields, this is a broad number of positions they're restricted from and we've shown in many studies in the real world that cohesion comes from doing a mission and nothing to do with gender so the bottom line is set the
6:29 am
standard and allow women and men to compete for the jobs and many men don't have the capabilities that some women do. >> dave: thank you, and we appreciate it, an intriguing debate. let's continue on twitter and let me know @dave briggs. >> thank you very much. >> dave: amid fears of a massive blast, residents told to back up and leave after million pounds of explosives were found. yikes. and secretary of state susan rice, the ambassador getting a done of sport from the white house, and benghazi may not be the only blemish on her resume'. ♪ [ male announcer ] with over 50 delicious choices of green giant vegetables it's easy to eat like a giant... ♪ and feel like a green giant.
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♪ >> oh, boy. welcome back to "fox & friends" everybody, i'm dave briggs. the singing clayton morris to my left, your right and juliet huddy. >> juliet: hi, guys. >> clayton: talking snowplow, homer simpson (laughter) >> not just clayton singing. coming up, we'll see who can wrap the best gift. my money is on huddy, we'll wait and see. >> juliet: because i'm a girl.
6:34 am
>> clayton: yes, my wife, a perfect bow and mine looks like a four-year-old stapled it. >> dave: i know me. >> juliet: and let's get to headline before the wrapping. south korea responding to new reports that north korea will launch long range rockets in december, calling it a grave provocation that will have implications. and the news agency reporting between december 10th and 22nd to launch a satellite ap the company reportedly dried launching a long range rocket back in april and broke apart in lift-off. it's been criticized as a ballistics missile test which goes against a ban. like so many people in staten island, destroyed by hurricane sandy and met with president obama and he promised he would help fema to help him. moments later they're waiting. and demanded answers at a town hall this week and earlier on
6:35 am
"fox & friends," the guy that you saw just a second ago, scott said something needs to be done now. >> and you've got to blame the local politicians. you've even got to blame the staten island. and nobody wants to be in a shelter. the holidays are coming up, people would rather be somewhere they know they can go to every night. >> juliet: in staten island, they told them to shut up when they were complaining. scott and deirdre are back in their home and they still don't have power, don't have gas. next, they're asking fema to bring in trailers for people whose homes are destroyed like they did in fema. a millions of pound of explosives, the evacuation of an entire town. residents have packed up and gotten out of their home for the weekend after state police found a million pound of improperly stored explosive black powder at the camp
6:36 am
minden. they looked at at black powder earlier. and people in pennsylvania got ready for a horse race and they got a surprise before the gates opened. >> on and the read and rudolph on the outside and the deer are going to the pack. apparently, an equipment problem. >> three deer jumped on to the meadows race track in washington county, pennsylvania and the announcer didn't miss a beat and called play by play on the deer running around. after a few minutes the deer did clear out and if you're wondering, bambi was the winner. >> clayton: that's got to be the most exciting. >> dave: i can't wait for them to take off and show the rudolph action. >> clayton: something in your coffee this morning. >> dave: checking with rick reichmuth, a hot toddy in
6:37 am
there. >> i want some. lots of visitors from texas, and you want to say hi to your husband? >> hi, bud. >> rick: you're going to have a good morning now. and out to the west, more rain and snow moving in, this is the rain and this is going to start to be heavy tonight and tomorrow again, some areas and another five to seven inches of rain and higher elevations of snow and much higher elevations, and some of the very, very wrm systems, but ski areas, some of them get pretty good snow which is great news. take a look at the video though out of parts of california it's not only been rain and it's been snow, it's been windy and this is the snow in mammoth mountain, california the ski area there, and a lot of people headed up to take advantage of this, to see, and a chains on their tires. and the forecast for the day today. in and across the northeast, a cool day, a bit of a gloomy day, tomorrow, much shall much better and we'll see the warmer temperature and more to move in tomorrow.
6:38 am
down across the south, pure sunshine and we need rain and not getting any of it. the temps 20 degrees above average in across much of texas right now. into the northern plains and also warm on the warming trend the next number of days and mostly dry and across the west, all the activity is in across northern california and up towards the pacific northwest. all right, send it back to you inside. >> juliet: thank you very much, rick. >> dave: thank you, buddy. the president not just busy concerning himself with the fiscal cliff, but also a new cabinet and some reports say he could appoint new cabinet members in the next couple of weeks, including secretary of state, and someone to be the new defense secretary as well. and that means could susan rice get the call? all indications are yes, at this point, unless for some reason, john kerry sneaks in because he'd have a smoother confirmation, juliet. >> juliet: yeah, the problem is what happened with benghazi seems to be a replay of what happened when she was involved with watching over africa when
6:39 am
she was at the state department. and the-- exactly being back in 1998. there was information that al-qaeda had cells in some of the major cities in africa and that they asked, asked for more security and didn't get it. sound familiar? and yesterday on sean hannity's show, the family of two of the victims killed in the 1998 bombings had some comments. >> what we do know as early as 1996 our intelligence community had live active sells, in nairobi, kenya, despite those facts nothing was done to increase securities in our embassies in nairobi or tanzania. and we hope that whoever serves as secretary of state will make security a top
6:40 am
priority. >> clayton: look, she wasn't involved in that capacity on security at all, but others are saying, look, this is a part of a larger narrative of susan rice, if she was involved in the benghazi coverup, as some have called tso going out on the sunday talk shows with information and talking about it being a spontaneous attack and now, she's also tied to the nairobi, kenya, bombings in 199 #. this does not bode well for her senate confirmation as secretary of state. >> dave: it does not. she was reported to be more involved with policy in 1998 rather than security and requests. but this will come out in any senate confirmation hearings and john kerry has things for his must military service and may or may not done with the medals, it's going to be interesting and thankfully we have a confirmation process and it's not like a czar where you just appoint someone. >> juliet: exactly. say it ain't so, joe, first the twinkies, and now bazooka joe's bubble bursts, after 60
6:41 am
years, don't freak out. we're worried that the gum is going away, but there's a caveat. >> clayton: juliet's bubble is not burst. home owners, the worst month to put your house on the market. don't worry, we'll tell you how to get it sold next. . >> dave: and first, let's check with neil cavuto with a look what's coming up on the cost of freedom business block, good morning, neil. >> 30 days away from our financial, and the white house digging in on spending and house on taxes and a part after debt deal, that's supposed to get this number down? unions launching a big mack attack, will they fry the market more so. forget about the powerball winners, someone says that all of these taxpayers would hit the jackpot if we had a national lottery. the cost of freedom at the top of the hour, see you then. billion dollars
6:42 am
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6:45 am
>> a fox news alert for you. a double-decker bus hit an overpass this morning. at miami international airport killing at least one person and injuring over two dozen others and the spokesman says the bus shouldn't be in the arrival section because it has a shorter clearance area and say goodbye to bazooka joe. getting rid of the iconic comic in a new advertising campaign and instead they will he' wrap it in activities and brain teasers and the new design will hit shelves in january. don't want to use my brain on gum. and americans are selling homes, we've been covering it. the bad news, it's december. with the cold weather and holidays moving around. it's the toughest to sell. how can you do it in this market.
6:46 am
our next guest is a real estate expert and author of "before you buy." there he is, nice to see you, when you walk in a barnes & noble store you see a lot of your books and now what you're talking about and you own that sort of market in the best sellers list. how is the market doing right now? in housing? are people buying your books? are you out there talking about this and people excited or are we still in troubled times? >> you know what? the nice thing is, we're not in a recovery, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel, which is great. and according to the latest housing report. actually average list price nationally up 2.9% over last year, and cities like phoenix, las vegas, fort meyers, florida are actually showing double digit increases, very positive sign. >> now in december, worst month to sell a home. you have some tips you put together. the first thing you look to see for people selling their home is to reevaluate the sale price? >> absolutely. because, in december, you
6:47 am
basically have less eyeballs, you have less people on the market. and most people are busy, shopping, travelling, focused on other things and also, that psychological aspect of, i'll start my diet in the new year, well, i'll start house shopping in the new year, so, really, you need to capture the buyers that are out there and the way to do it first is rehe evaluate your price. and you need to look at what the comps are today, from 30 days to go, and 60 days to go, but no longer. because if you're going to make a price change and want to try to get something into escrow before the end of the year, let's do that price change now. >> and the next tip you have is a great tip and people need to almost stage their home. do not overdecorate. get rid of furniture, make it look as sparse as possible, but nice, right? >> absolutely. first with the decorating, you really don't want to overdecorate and people looking to buy a house are looking to move in in january and show them what the house looks like then. you don't want to go crazy and you don't want to have an eight foot blowup santa on the
6:48 am
porch or a life sized nativity set in the living room. you want to keep it simple and sophisticated. let buyers see what they're going to be getting come january. >> so take down the giant 8 foot blowup snoopy on your roof. >> get him out of there. >> clayton: closing costs. the market changed a few years when i sold my home. cover closing costs, it's a new era you've got to cover some of these things. >> absolutely. mainly now, rightfully so, the banks are demanding higher down payments and people are going to have to come up with more money. so, alleviating a little bit of that pressure on buyers opens up maybe a bigger pool. so if you offer it pay closing costs and some of the buyers don't have to come up with as much money and you may have more options and more buyers. >> the next tip. depersonalize your home. lots of photos and pictures on the walls of your family, and maybe a good thing or a bad thing, when we bought our house we looked at the little boy's room and colored blue
6:49 am
and loved the way it was decorated and we could see our son in that room. kind of goes both ways, right? >> it's really about clearing out stuff. you want to get rid of the porcelain pig collection you've got scattered through the living room, and also, you know, in your kids' rooms get rid of the trophies or any personal items because you really, again, want buyers to see themselves in your house, they don't want to see you. they want to see themselves. so, declutter. depersonalize, clear it out. i can promise you, every home seller right now has about 50% too much stuff in their house. >> check out michael corbitt's book at any bookstore or and great writer and tips for the housing market and great to see you this morning, michael, we appreciate it. >> thanks, my pleasure. >> and surprising that you knew so much about my porcelain pig collection, a little shocked there. (laughter) >> i've been there. >> clayton: yeah, coming up on the show, she blew away the judges to be the most gifted rapper. taking home a $10,000 prize.
6:50 am
how do we compare? we're going to go head to head in a wrap-off next. um... uh... um... hm... umm... uh... oh ! the windows phone 8x by htc on verizon. it features easy to navigate live tiles that are simple to customize. just pin what matters most right to your homescreen. exclusively with data sense-- a feature that makes the most of you plan. only on verizon.
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6:53 am
>> the scissors were flying, cutting ribbons, bows, and of course paper at the 16th annual scotch brand most gifted wrapper contest. >> juliet: in the end as it always is, only one person could be the most gifted wrapper and take home the $10,000 prize and that's her. >> lee a-griffith joins us now and congratulations and the
6:54 am
contest judge welcome, congratulations. >> thanks for having us. >> what's your secret. can you show us ab give your tip. you've got a big rubber duck down there. that looks difficult. >> and this was my round two. >> wow. >> aur geg to wrap that. >> yes, and the secret here, i decided to part of the gift, this is around the bottom and scott tape to secure it easy and then i used the tip of the tuba to make the great flower vase. >> and they can't count down fon having part of the gift exposed. >> no, a partial gift wrap. >> and that's what you're looking for. >> exactly. >> two things, number one, is the technique, how to wrap the gift and creativity or appearance of how it's done and sometimes you don't need to wrap the entire gift, sometimes embellish is. and this season, scotch came out with the essential tape. perfect for somebody who doesn't know how to wrap and
6:55 am
put the tape there, if you get it wrong, it repositions and get it up and put it into the position. >> juliet: wow. >> without destroying the paper and you decorate the gift that way. >> that's great. now, i mentioned the duck, you're going to show us how to do it and compete against each other. >> i don't want to compete with you guys. >> no, no, no. >> dave: it's not just about quality, it's about speed as well. we're going to put on the clock. >> i'm going to give you 45 seconds and time you guys. >> these wristbands these are the scott wristbands and pull it out. >> straight up and boom, a perfect piece of tape and don't hunt around for the dispenser, are you ready? ready, get set. you've got 45 seconds. let's see what you got. >> you've got to make it look good. i'm judging you on technique, on appearance, and wow, it's
6:56 am
quiet here, a lot more noise. >> my tape is out. my tape is out. >> and oh! and juliet. you cut the paper too short, but that's okay, it looks good. >> and here. >> i'm not going to be hired for gift wrapping. >> a few seconds left. >> how does mine look, mark. >> i love the bow. >> exactly, exactly. and the fact to put it together and a few seconds left. >> and winner after the break. who won? >> that's what i was going to do. [ clock ticking ] [ male announcer ] there's a better way... v8 v-fusion. vegetable nutrition they need, fruit taste they love.
6:57 am
could've had a v8. or...try kids boxes!
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6:59 am
>> all right. now, here is the moment. we did the wrapping contest and we've g

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